Home Car Review 2017 Mazda CX-5 Sneak Peek Review: Mazda’s Best-Selling Car Gets a Fancy Remake

2017 Mazda CX-5 Sneak Peek Review: Mazda’s Best-Selling Car Gets a Fancy Remake


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  1. I'm curious on the noise level inside they really needed to improve on the old model. The red color I'm not a fan, but its hard to tell true color especially when they add other tones in the mix. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed because I really want to like this car. My old Mazda is in need of replacing but its been a great vehicle!! 🙂

  2. To bad a manual version won't be available anymore. I think it's a bad call on Mazda part.

  3. @3:35 No I can't tell from that horrible angle…why don't you show us the angle from the side so we can REALLY see if u have ample leg room or not, otherwise we'll come to the conclusion that it doesn't have ample legroom

  4. The Tribute was good, now its all about trendy lines straight back to the rear bumper and fuel efficiency. Just go electric already and stop with the planned obsolescence.

  5. I thought I'd regret leasing a 2016.5 Grand Touring last year knowing a redesign was coming but I definitely still love mine even after seeing this. This car is beautiful but I'm hopeful that they'll put the CX-9 engine in this CX-5 at some point, I'm not in love with those rims and an optional panoramic sunroof would be nice. Everything else is great, good job Mazda.

  6. Everyone is talking about the need for a V6, a turbo or something else like that in this car. Don't get your hopes up. Mazda right now is in a sort of rebuilding stage. They are trying to establish themselves as a "premium (but not luxury)" brand. As such, Mazda has chosen to spend money on interior/exterior build quality and look, comfort, fit and finish, and overall aesthetic appeal. It hasn't been too long since the old ford days of mazda. The company has left ford, and is trying to make a good independent name for themselves while still keeping the zoom-zoom heritage. The engineers believe they can keep the sporty feel of their vehicles even by only offering one engine choice. This is done through good fine tuning of steering, transmission, suspension, etc.

    Lessening the engine choices for the consumer allows the company to save a lot of money in production, increase reliability, and spend more of the vehicle cost towards aesthetics while not jacking up the price. THIS is what will give the brand the greatest chance of capturing that title of being a premium (not luxury) brand. All these stupid youtube keyboard warriors whining about a V6 or a turbo 4 just don't get the business model of what mazda is doing. Wait a few years, and Mazda will look into offering more powerful engines once they've seen enough growth.

    If you want a more powerful engine, Mazda MIGHT choose to bring their diesel engine to the American market soon as rumored. But I suspect this will only happen if they believe the engine will sell (no thanks to the volkswagen diesel-gate scandal), and if the profit margins of the new refreshed vehicles they're putting out stays high.

  7. Why anyone thinks these are attractive looking cars is beyond me… CRV and RAV4 look even uglier…. but they sell somehow

  8. If only it had a 2.0 turbo.. Sorry but 8.5 seconds 0 to 60 is slower than the CRV that has a CVT.. Makes no sense if it looks do sharp and they're all about zoom zoom but is one if the slowest in the segment..

  9. No turbo = no turbo lag = better gradual acceleration increase = more enjoyable ride.  There is a turbo in the CX9 so Mazda may put one in the CX5 but Mazda worked hard to reduce turbo lag even customizing the engine to a degree.  Why? So it would be more like the engine in the CX5 because turbo lag sux and if you care anything about driving enjoyment you would understand that.  There is more to fun to drive dynamics than being fast in a straight line.

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