Home Car Review 2017 Mercedes-Benz C300 4Matic Coupe Car Review

2017 Mercedes-Benz C300 4Matic Coupe Car Review


The brand that created the four-door coupe still makes the traditional two-door versions. The graceful lines of the C300 will satisfy the masses, enthusiasts will want to move up to the AMG performance variants. Tom Voelk reviews the C300 coupe with 4Matic.

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  1. Tom, been watching your videos since 2009-2010ish and I'm surprised after all these years you don't get near enough viewers you deserve to have. And while many other car channels I find typical, you're one of those few that puts a smile to my face! Keep up the good work man!

  2. 60k for 2 liter turbo??? That I can get in a kia with MORE power??? GTFO! whats the point of this car? It's starting price you can get any sports car with more power and everything you want.

  3. Good review Tom as always! Glad you constantly make it a point to suggest to test drive other competitor brands before buying or leasing one. Better to know what really suits your need before ending with one.☺

  4. Nice to see you doing a popular brand again Tom. Could you do a new civic hatchback sport touring? Thank you

  5. 60 grand and the Honda Accord next to you beats you off the line and sounds better while doing it. Pass.

  6. Coupes rule. The "4 seat" coupe is a great compromise between 2 door/2 seat coupe & the 4 door/4 seater.  I'm on my 6th coupe.

  7. comparing the camaro to this?? camaro is way in the bottom. Something maybe comparable would be the new accord coup

  8. So how about doing a review on the Chevy Bolt.
    Also, exactly how much toilet paper do you buy on a regular basis for these reviews??
    I mean do you donate the extras to a homeless shelter and do they wonder why you bring so much to them? ?
    PS: Another Great review here as is the norm for you.??

  9. $59K for this? Rear camera isn't standard? The Toyota Corolla rental car I drove last weekend had rear view cameras. ?

  10. I just can't bring myself to care about German cars. I like the Camaro thrown in there, which I drive.

  11. No one in their right mind in the market for a c class coupe and 4 series would consider switching to a Camarro.

  12. Another overpriced Benz … $60k. At some point car buyers have to stop buying these vehicles just because of the namebrand. This car is in a shrinking segment yet there are atleast 3 other alternatives that I'd buy before this. BTW: great video as always.

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