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2017 Nissan Armada Quick Drive | Consumer Reports


Nissan’s new Armada SUV is massive, with a three-row seating configuration offering plenty of room for everyone. But a rough ride, clumsy handling, and poor fuel economy also come with the package.

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  1. How is Nissan going to ever compete with Toyota or Honda when they have been using the same interior design for over 10 years

  2. If you think those driving assists should be standard, then I bet you also want incompetent drivers as standard.

  3. That's a fair price considering its main competitor outside the US is the Land Cruiser which is 80k

  4. I don't feel all this safety crap is going to help anybody. Its all about the driver. Stop pushing the narrative of " We believe all companies should make them standard". I don't want them on my car so it can be easily hacked.

  5. Wonder what they will call it in the UK? Twice the British has beaten Armada's. Spanish, and Argentine.

  6. This is the same OLD Infiniti QX80 there is nothing new about this SUV; I leased the QX80, what a piece of junk, and Nissan Infiniti is the worst car manufacturer, they don't honor their warranty, as soon as my lease was over, I returned the piece of junk, and the dealer sold it in auction for $15,000.00 below my residual value, that too, they depreciate like crazy. Do yourself a favor, "Buy a Toyota Land Cruiser"

  7. It does not compete with the current Sequoia. That thing is way too old. Yes, it's(Sequoia) likely more reliable, but it desperately needs a re-do. A similar Tahoe will set you back $68k, so this is a better deal in that sense- bigger and more powerful engine- but more thirsty as well. Really, Nissan can barely justify selling the Infiniti QX with this thing around. The Armada has a better name and looks better as well. Ford Expedition? Please! Hope they take the hint like they did with the next year revamped F-150 and give it a softer look. Good job to Ford though for putting that Ecoboost in there. I hope they put in the diesel just as the next Sequoia is rumored to do.

  8. Doesn't the Patrol …err Armada compete more with the Land Cruiser? Armada vs Sequoia off-road, me thinks the Armada would do quite a bit better, about as well as the Land Cruiser.

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