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2017 Nissan GT-R Review


It’s hard to believe that nearly ten years have passed since the GT-R first debuted, and since it arrived on the scene, so many other awesome performance vehicles have set their sights on the car known as Godzilla.

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  1. I've been trying to decide on the GTR or the ZL1. This chicken head faggot sold me on the ZL1. Seriously, he's ruined the car forever for me…

  2. What the fuck am i the only who thinks that this is the most boring and lamest review I've ever seen in cars. ???

  3. Did we see how fast it was ? ??? Ugh Nooo, Nooo we actually didn't see a damn bit of speed ?

  4. No he did not just dock points from a damn GT-R because it didnt have google carplay and cruise control. Stupidest statement ever. Who TF drives a GT-R and wants to put it in cruise control instead of drive it?! Cmon, and fuck google car play too haha we wanna listen to the engine. the dudes a straight geek that doesnt even like cars, he likes stupid stuff like LDWS, Forward Collision Alert, gps and all that stupid shit

  5. He shouldn't review cars. He seems more at home with SmartPhones, Tablets, and shit like that.

    I hate when non-enthusiasts review enthusiast vehicles.

  6. You won't be needing Android Auto when you're doing 310 on desert roads and driving up winding mountain paths.

  7. Ferrari, Lambo ferrari, lambo fck fed up
    Now this time to love Gtr supercars killer

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