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2017 Nissan JUKE Features, Options, and Review


The new 2017 Nissan Juke features a new elegant look starting with its standard combination of yellow and black exterior color trim. The new design was created by the same designers who created the Nissan Micra.

The new look is bold and expressive and is meant to attract a new bred of customers. The Juke is offered in three trim levels just like the current outgoing model; they are the base Visia, middle level Acento and top-of-the-line Tekna. The new 2017 Nissan Juke is based on the CMF-A platform and has utilized a good mix of carbon-fiber and aluminum to come up with a light but strong vehicle.

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  1. I own a 1,5 dci tekna model 2016….. but with the new diesel laws coming in…it will be expensive to run or obsolete in the near future !

  2. is this car is reliable that last up to 20 yrs or 300k miles.?because i want to buy that last up to my last contact here at work in other country..

  3. It’s sad that they replaced it with the Kicks tho it had it’s significant looks and powerful performance RIP Juke🖤

  4. I have one and I absolutely love it ! No buyers remorse at all ! Even does great in heavy snow. A word of caution, not a family car at all.

  5. I am a faithful Nissan driver. I wanted a Juke but the ones we are getting here in Trinidad are giving a lot of trouble.

  6. My wife has one. The brakes squealed on it (factory Nissan pads) and she made me replace the brake pads because she said it was embarrassing. The carpet is a felt material which holds dirt and grass like a magnet and takes 30 minutes to vacuum versus 10 minutes to vacuum out my conversion van. Using compressed air helps.

    At least it doesn't have that splash shield under the motor like her 350Z and Cube. I can change the oil on this thing without having to raise the front end off the ground.

  7. ok very nice car but where was it made not in the uk that's for sure the roads were empty when going around the roundabout and when she was parking nobody leaves that much room

  8. Now the Juke is out of production (middle of 2018)…..rather bargain money mid 17 plate Juke Nismo RS cars now appearing on the market……. normally like hot hatches……it's a bonkers car/seems to get bad reviews as a "drivers car" but weirdly tempted by a Nismo RS as such a bonkers idea! Particularly at £12-13k for a low miles 2017/2018 plate ones

  9. I just got a 2013 juke SV AWD and it’s literally the same? I wanted to upgrade but I won’t now :p

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