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2017 Renault Zoe review | What Car?


Lease the battery and the Renault Zoe is one of the most recommendable electric cars, with low running costs and a surprisingly long range. Visit http://bit.ly/2A0pmbv to see how much we can save you on a new Renault Zoe.

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  1. Just to say you don't need to get your key out of your pocket or bag as the car knows it is there. The key slot is for flat battery in the fob emergency use.

  2. Renting battieres sucks. Buy it with the batteries or wait for a manufacturer with the confidence not to try and screw over its own customers.

  3. This video seems to be out of date before it was even posted on YouTube. For example, the top trim level at the time the video was uploaded is Signature Nav, not Dynamic Nav!

  4. This is a dreadfully edited video, he appears mixed up , journalist as usual knows little about the tec and contradicts himself and puts out information that is confusing

  5. Hi, I'm interesting in a new Renault Zoe (40kwh), but before decision I would like to investigate for some evidences, not only promises on the brochures, videos.
    What is your opinion with this lovely car? Looks great, but I have two main priority before buying:
    (1.) range;
    (2.) battery.

    (1.) Range

    What are your experiences, what are the real ranges (in kilometers) with the new Renault 40 (in town, on highways, with mountains elevation, country roads – cold/hot weather)? I am asking for not calculations, but real experiences.

    (2.) Battery

    I tried to get some information about Renault's battery system, but on their home page they used only French answering my questions in English (with Google Translator was not quiet clear our communication).
    As I know well, every car buyer only renting the batteries for their car (with monthly paying), what is very strange, especially, if I will have to pay taxes for battery, what is not my. Do you know anything about it? Do you know, how can I buy the battery (and how expensive is that)?
    I tried to ask, that if the battery is just rented, it means, that in the future, with better batteries there would be possible to change them in the older vehicles too? Or if the batteries lifetime ended, the Renault will collect that dangerous garbage (from their budget)?
    If there would be better charging systems (I know, that Renault is working on it), will they fit to older vehicles too?

    Thanks for your precious answers, best regards! TZ

  6. That's a great city car. Saves about 10k to 15k on the fuel, taxes, and maintenance over 10 years.

  7. Thank you for the review. It would have been better if voice would have been recorded properly. Now it sounded muffled. Also sound levels were all over the place.

  8. Perfect , impressive, impulsive car.It is really a future ECO- car . I will love to have one for me.But it is still a dream for India.

  9. This is very interesting car! That's really cool! Electric car – it's our future!!!

  10. it's a good looking car and I like it, way better than horrendous looking Nissan Leaf and ugly overpriced BMW i3.
    still the asking price for these small electric cars are way too expensive for what they are.
    being a Renault,asking for 15,000 pounds for the low end and 20,000 for the full option is just too much
    .realistically this car should be around 10,000 pounds.otherwise,no chance to compete with regular cars, and that's sad.

  11. Good reviewer, and well presented. I'd have to disagree on the savings he keeps on mentioning regarding running costs though. Running costs include depreciation, if you include this and battery leasing. A twingo or similar makes much more financial sense. That is unless you buy a zoe at 2 years old when it's lost a fortune in depreciation.

  12. Here in Spain you can get only 2 years warranty and can buy up to 5 years warranty.

  13. Хм, Рено электрокар по имени Зоя. А значит в целом можно такие делать и в Тольятти на АвтоВАЗе.

  14. If your thinking of buying one of these cars, know this:
    1. The heater NEVER gets any where near the stated temperature. Upon complaint, he garage stated 'that's how they are'. The cars are unbearably cold during winter.
    2. It never gives anywhere near the mileage (distance) it claims. Full charge supposed to give 120 miles. Reslity- 90 at best, that's without lights on, heather on and only 1 person inside.
    3. The car will very regularly fail. It will make a strange loud humming noise whilst in charge and show a red light saying 'motor failure'
    4. The gear knob will break off.
    5. The tyre pressure sensors will fail stating you have a puncture when you haven't.
    6. The pump provided to inflate your tyres will blow a fuse when you use it. The garage will replace it with an oversize fuse which will blow the fuse in the car.
    7. Heating ducts will fall out from beneath the dashboard when the close the door.
    8. The reversing sensors will detach themselves and lay in the rear bumper, which will send off a loud beep in the car as soon as you select reverse.
    9. you have to register the car online before you can use charging points. Don't think you can just pull up and charge. Nope, that would be too simple.
    10. Your Bluetooth connection to your phone will frequently drop out and fail to recognise your phones.
    11. Will your dealership give a damn and fix all of these problems? Nope. They'll just tell you the 'computer says everything's ok'.

    Can't wait to send mine back next month. Worse car by FAR I have ever owned. Don't waste your money on these cars. You've been warned.

  15. The vehicle itself is good.

    However, the fact that Renault does not let us purchase or rent the battery from different countries than from where it was registered, irritates me a lot.
    In other words, Renault killed the UK second hand EV import in Malta. Purchasing this first hand would cost at least 35,000 euros. An import would not cost more than 5,000 euros.

  16. Why is it a review of the 2017 Zoe, yet the car shown in the video is a 2015 reg? Anybody know?

  17. I bought a Renault Zoe Q90 with 41 kW battery pack and 43kW quick charging engine. It's a great car….

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