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2017 Subaru Outback Limited 2.5 L 4-Cylinder Review | Camerons Car Reviews


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  1. Another benefit of getting the 2.5 engine is the 6-8 mpg improvement over the 3.6. Gas is cheap now, but we all know it will go up at some point.

  2. I had a '13 Outback, now a '16 since November. I got rid of the '13 mainly due to seat discomfort. I find the 2.5 4 cylinder accelerates plenty good for me and I cruise above 80 with ease. As another said, it has a lot of low torque, and the cvt is excellent at power delivery. My biggest issue is with upper back comfort. At 6', I think the upper seat angles forward slightly & over time binds my back.

  3. Can you talk about the Limited's stereo? Maybe a test using thumping public domain music?

  4. No mention of the folllowing: SRF button is actually steering responsive foglights, nothing about the Harmon Kardon sound, no review of the GPS, integrated crossrails on the roof rack, quality the cameras and blindspot and other eyesight features. No mention about reclining headrests, reclining rear seats, heated rear seats, 2 position memory driver's seat. I could go on. No mention of the 8.7" of clearance or the X-Mode. Sounds more like your narrating the brochure than reviewing the car.

  5. i need this car now my contours transmision acts up when i drive it to much its getting on my nerves

  6. my family just got this car in 2.5 2016 and they spent a lot of money on it 95,00 AED ( $26,300) i feel like chocking somebody it was a huge mistake what they did :(( there are much better options out there

  7. I drive a base model one of these for work and I have to say I absolutely love it. So luxurious feeling and very solid. Extremely quiet ride too. If I ever have the chance to buy a new car it will be one of these. I have totally fallen in love with Subarus lately. Pretty much the only thing I 100% disagree with you on is that the 4 cylinder engine has plenty of power and the steering feels rock solid.

  8. The Outback 2.5i has oil consumption issues (up to and including the 2015 model year. Not sure if it Is totally resolved by the 2017). In addition cracking of the windshield is a very common issue with the 2015-1017 Outback as well.

    It is nice to hear the strong points of a given vehicle. It is imperative that the reviewer cover the weaknesses and known problems as well.

  9. we just got the 2017 2.5i limited this weekend, we traded in our 2011 model.
    very spacious. responsive. the seats are insanely comfortable. i am quite happy with the 4-cy engine (175hp); i doubt i will miss the 6-cy and will very much NOT miss the extra expenses on gasoline and upkeep. the wheels are amazing. we did test drives. the 2.5i premium, the model with no moonroof no leather and cheaper wheels was a little more comfortable of a drive with a little lower road noise. we went with the limited with bigger wheels–thinner, filled with nitrogen. we do not regret it.
    we will get a tow package put on via uhaul. they are much cheaper than the dealership pricing, and uhaul's package offers a larger tongue weight.
    great car

  10. What kind of a review is this?
    How about actually taking it out on the road – I should flag this video for being deceptive.

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