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2017 Subaru Outback – Review and Road Test


Since its introduction in the mid-1990s, the Subaru Outback has morphed from wagon, to wagonoid, to quasi-SUV. Now, the 5th-generation Outback signifies the final stage of metamorphosis into a genuine crossover. Join KBB’s Zach Vlasuk to see if the latest Outback is the best one yet.

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  1. I love those arrows not pointing at an eyesight equipped vehicle. there would have been two bulkheads on either side of the location the arrows were pointing at. an otherwise great review, especially in pointing out the power deficiencies of the 2.5l

  2. While I would beg in front of Subaru North America to bring over the Levorg, the Outback still has the traditional Wagon traits that make it better than other SUV/Crossovers in the market.

    Also, this new generation car is quite nice looking on the inside. I also think this is the first time the Outback looks better exterior-wise over the Legacy.

  3. Also one of the safest rides too according to the IIHS. Outbacks are superb cars. I love them. Owning a 2006 Legacy GT, and the 2004 WRX, I was and am hooked on what the secret sauce of Subaru is. No fancy, no trendy, just the overall experience that makes you feel confident that it will get you there reliably, and safely. Yeah you could trust those new teenager drivers with it too knowing they will be safe. My ultimate equipped to perfection would be the Forester XT's Turbo 4 installed in the Outback. Why do that instead of the flat 6? Turbo economy, and power as you gain altitude. I would also tune so I would get that magic 300HP number. Also as the perfect rubber. Subaru got this one right like the Forester. Thumbs up from a Subaru fan.

  4. Dear Subaru,
    Dump the 2.5 engine (or put a turbo on it), it's inefficient, makes very little power for its size, and lets be honest, the NVH could be better. I'm also not a fan of the CVT but that however doesn't seem to bother your consumers because they keep buying them.

  5. we have been so happy with our 2010 model 3.6R Premium that we will buy another Outback in a flash. This incarnation doesn't yet warrant selling and updating but as fuel consumption further improves over time we will opt again for the 3.6. It is a gem of a power source to complement a feeling of quality. Sure, it's not a luxury car, but it is a premium quality car

  6. Does 2.5 outback give enough power with 3 passengers uphill? 3.6R seems really good, but I am considering MPG, too.

  7. how is the wind noise and engine noise when driving at like 120km/h? I did hear him say it is more silent, but compared to a grand cherokee for instance, how are the noise levels? thanks in advance !

  8. This is more SUV and less or no resemblance to car / wagon.
    SEATS are well cushioned but with lousy support. I only last 2 hrs on driver's seat. If you need supportive seats go for Mercedes that makes excellent seats ( make their own ) it would be worth extra cost and you get a " Wagon ".

  9. Considering 2.5 Premium with EyeSight. From a brief demo at the dealership, it looked to be an incredibly interesting technology. How reliable is this technology and how useful is it in real life ?

  10. What is the reliability of the Outback like? Im looking to purchase one after college

  11. ::::Muy hermoso vehiculo familiar ,es muy genial ,Subaru a evolucionado muy bien con los diseños de sus station wagon 😉

  12. I was initially looking at the Impreza hatchback but I'm liking the Outback more and more!

  13. The Ford Edge has ventilated and heated front seats on the fully loaded Edge, the seats are only heated on the Subaru Outback.

  14. if only they put the 3.6 engine and put a turbo in it on the wrx sti. now that I could buy

  15. my dad has the four cylinder and it is TERRIBLE. the engine sounds like diarrhea, the transmission is slow and dim witted, the interior is meh, the infotainment system is redundant and useless, and on lower trims there is no power outlets in the back. The paint scratches easily and safety equipment is extra

  16. What does a 2016 Subaru Outback and a 20 year old 1996 Ford Thunderbird have in common? They both have the same amount of chips in the paint.

  17. Just took our 2016 2.5 Outback in to the dealer for an oil leak. They tell me it needs a rear main seal at 7200 miles!!!

  18. prepare your CVT fixing budget in a few years. the transmission belt will be loosen. mpg will go up. and other problems

  19. im thinkinh about buying a used one from 2005-2009 good idea or are there better cars out there

  20. I have a hard time calling this a "crossover" compared to those other vehicles listed when it's very obviously just a Legacy station wagon. But that isn't a knock against it, it's a plus. I sat in a 2017 fully loaded one (called the "Premier" in Canada…the one with the brown leather seats, etc.) and was shocked at how great the build quality was! It was really impressive, much more so than what you would get in the Forester, which isn't that much cheaper. I don't know the new boxer-4 engine, but my guess is the 6 will be quieter and more refined, so spring for that if you can.

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