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2017 Suzuki Celerio Review | What Car?


The Suzuki Celerio is one of the cheapest new cars you can buy, but is it also cheerful to drive and live with? Visit http://bit.ly/2AMNtYm to see how much we can save you on a new Suzuki Celerio.

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  1. Good positive review for once from Rebecca. I see too many reviews where all they do is make negative comments instead of focusing on the good points. Its a cheap car, and some people simply do not want or need to spend on expensive cars when a simple, fun to drive motor is all that is required. Too many people in this country are obsessed with image, and let me tell you that all these fancy BMWs, Audis and Mercs etc that you see everywhere, you can bet that most of them are on PCP or lease deals of some sort. Someone on minimum wage can afford the payments so it doesn't make you look wealthy. You never own the car, it gets traded in after 3 years and you start all over again on another PCP deal, what a joke. Those same people probably talk about renting houses being dead money, yet will happily pay hundreds a month to rent a car haha. Ah well, never mind, so long as the neighbours and your work colleagues see you in a fancy car that you don't own LOL, thats all that matters eh? Back in the late 1980s I drove a new BMW, paid for in cash. PCP did not exist back then, so the brand was more exclusive than it is today due to the fact you needed real money to own one. Nowadays any tom dick and harry can get them, which to me has devalued the image. Now I just drive cheap cars, and this Suzuki is good enough for what its designed for. And just to add, Ive had loads of nice looking women, and none of them were bothered what car I was driving.

  2. I drove it as hire car. best fuel economy.but worst crash rating. not safe at all

  3. मैने भी सेलेरियो zxi जून 2017 में ली है, लेकिन अभी जो आप बता रहे सीटों के बारे में वो मेरे नहीं हो रहा है, ओर लेंसर वाली एक ही चाबी दी गई है , नवनीत मोटर्स डूंगरपुर के द्वारा ,

  4. I am a loyal costumer of Suzuki cars the last 26 years of my life. So far I bought more than 35 car from Suzuki and every model that Suzuki make from the old Alto Maruti to the last one a new Swift that I bought 10 months ago.
    At the moment I got 3 Suzuki cars (under guaranty) that I got a problem with the steering wheel. Wane you turn the wheel 1/3 to the left or 1/3 to the right the car is NOT return to the strait line and continue turn infiniteness and in case you want to turn the car 360° and to the end of the steering wheel the car is continuing to turn to cycle with no stop infiniteness. In test I did the car is continuing turning in cycles more than 3 time's I stop it there because there was not point to continue for infiniteness.
    I take the 2 of the cars to the service and communicate with the Suzuki in Athens (for more than 40 times and they refuse to talk to me or to answer to emails… first time in my life I get this kind of customer service and I don’t think there is same like this one in Athens in the rest of the world) about the problem on the 17.05.2018 The cars are in the service all this time almost one month and the try to make me believe that the cars got no problem because they can't find what is the problem with it.. But everybody that drive the cars can say the same that there is something wrong about the steering.
    So because they can't find the problem they try to make me believe that the cars are ok and I can live the life of me or my family to the words of them. I ask to get that in writing but no they don't want to take the responsibility wane they are not sure if the car is ok and it will not kill me or my family the next time I drive it in to the street.
    And I ask you if you are in my position you will drive this car? With your family in it? And you will trust what they say in words but NOT in writing so Suzuki will take the responsibility in case of an accident and a life lost.

  5. it needs some engine tunning to enhance power output 68+ Hp,some modifications in suspension, better tires, sport exhaust and then gooo!

  6. Suzuki Celerio, Nissan Pixo, Suzuki Alto, all lovely small cheap cars, who needs a touch screen I actually like the old style buttons.

  7. this car and its segments is how to save the environment and conserve resources, not to go full douche with expensive electrical cars that gives you 300 HP because you are likely charging that car from a powerplant the runs by fuel fossil.

  8. This car is the automotive version of Doro mobile phones. Designed specifically for the pissed mattress old codger brigade. Utterly devoid of any desirability for petrolheads.

  9. 2019 model has LED touch screen all and power windows even in rear. Gonna wait for 2020 model maybe its much better next year 😍😍😍

  10. It's no so cheap but is very good car. 6-7.000 euros will be ok but the communists make it cost 10 oh.

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