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2018 BMW X2 Quick Drive | Consumer Reports


Based on the X1 platform the all-new 2018 BMW X2 is sleek and offers an engaging driving experience. It drives more like a sporty hatchback rather than an SUV, but unfortunately the X2 sacrifices some interior space due to its styling.

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  1. Absolutely baffling that there's no BSM on this at any price. Major safety fail by BMW.

  2. I don't really see the "luxury" in these upscale brands if safety systems are not standard equipment.

    I mean c'mon a base Corolla has adaptive cruise control as standard…

  3. Yeah, who needs anything like outward visibility. CU is really disappointing for not taking car companies to task for creating these blind-spot laden cars with waaaaay too distracting controls.

  4. "The BMW X2 was designed to appeal to customers who don't mind sacrificing some interior space and outward visibility in the name of sleek styling and an engaging driving experience."

    Wrong, it was designed as a money grab and to exploit the idiotic trendy numbskulls who don't know what to do with their borrowed money as they try to project an idealized persona to other idiots, from a company that has lost its way long ago and is desperate for relevancy, despite alienating their once legit and loyal fan base.

  5. wait… sooo its FWD, you CANT see out of it(and DOESNT OFFER BLIND SPOT MONITOR)?? PASS….but finally a TOUCHSCREEN german car lol and i'd take this over a GLA anyday but sheesh swing and a miss i give it a C+

  6. I think I would rather have the XC40 than this as it has much of the safety stuff standard (other than pilotassist) but even then it'd still be cheaper than the x2

  7. I think it's just me, but I think the BMW X2 doesn't have the same design language like other BMW vehicles (except for the grill), just my opinion.

  8. Did I just hear a review complain about a BMW with a firm ride? Never thought I'd hear that again after the floaty F30 and F10 5 series. Glad to see they're getting back to their roots!

  9. Funny because that x1 with the m sport suspension they tested in 2016 was “not a good handler”.. yet this x2 base suspension, completely equivalent to an x1 base suspension, handles well? Ok cr

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