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2018 Ford Expedition Quick Drive | Consumer Reports


The newly redesigned Ford Expedition offers more comfort and convenience than ever. The massive three-row SUV is Ford’s largest vehicle, but it might be overkill for urban drivers.

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  1. I like it, but if I'm spending this much I'm stepping up the the Lincoln. If for no other reason than I'd spend the entire time I bought the Ford thinking "I should have got the Lincoln".

  2. Why does it say there is 14 comments but none are shown

  3. Hopefully, with high fuel prices; these big, gas guzzling SUV' s go away like the dodo.

  4. I actually find the ride on mines more than comfortable and it def rides better than anything in its class and most crossovers for that matter. The optional suspension does make the ride better.

  5. I like most of your videos, but the narration is really bad. It’s like a really bad imitation of William Shatner.

  6. What a Ford product CR likes, amazing. Also narration sounds like a voice over for a bad Japanese karate movie, ha.

  7. I'm never going to understand why consumer reports is so obsessed with all of those safety features.. pay attention while you are driving and you won't need them.

  8. We just traded in our 2016 Ford Explorer Limited for a 2018 Ford Expedition Limited (satndard length) and we could not be more happy with our decision. This is an amazing vehicle with elbow room, headroom and legroom to spare, not to mention all of the bells and whistles the Linited version offers!
    Gas mileage has been great too from our perspective, with 23 mpg on the interstate and no less than 18 mpg for local driving. The 2018 Ford Expedition Limited is simply an awesome vehicle.

  9. An expedition that cant go on an expedition, i dought it can tackle rought terrain. The explorer is more capable than this.

  10. If consumer reports really needs to to stop critiquing vehicles against standards that apply to completely different types of vehicles. You wouldn't say the Mazda 3 doesn't handle well because its not as sporty as a Mazda Miata. You would compare it to other sedans. So why compare full size body on frame suvs to three row crossovers. They are very much different things. You don't buy an Expedition because you just want a three row suv style vehicle. You buy it because you want something three row crossovers can't deliver. The fact of the matter is that three row crossovers just can beat the combination of space and cargo/towing capability that a full size SUV offers. And in order to offer that kind of space compromises need to be made. Most of the criticism made in this video are characteristics inherit of this type of vehicle. While the Expedition may overkill for most urban drivers that's exactly why it exists, and why it's so popular. Consumers want and need vehicles that can deliver on a level beyond three row crossovers, and a disservice is being done to them rating them on a largely irrelevant criteria.

  11. When I bought my 2017 Fusion Platinum last year, my requirement was to buy a car with every available safety feature. That’s why.
    Adaptive cruise control, blind spot, cross traffic, auto braking, pedestrian braking. I notice this year manufacturers are now making a lot of these features standard. My only unnecessary option. Self parking. Do like it though.

  12. Not too long ago people buying 70-plus thousand-dollar Vehicles were making six digits in a year. Window Viper came out it was just below 80,000. Well off people were buying those. Today people making less than 6 digits of a year are supposed to buy these expensive SUVs and trucks. Manufacturers are out of their minds

    The original expedition was half the cost. Does not mean this one will last twice as long? Doubt it

  13. Other than a Chevrolet Suburban , name me one other vehicle that can take a family of six and all their luggage for a long weekend without a roof top carrier .

  14. The vehicle has the word max in its name….. it’s odd to bring up how it may be too large. That’s the point of the vehicle and why someone would shop for it.

  15. I've noticed just how big/fat the center sections of the driver's space is getting way too wide and limiting the size of driver/passengers front seats! I for one do not care/like this intrusion of wasted drivers space for some damn larger than needed space1 I'd rather have more driver's seating than some huge wide center area!

  16. Ford Expedition-“It only has 2 way lumbar Support, but that’s okay!”

    Chevrolet Traverse-“Only has 2 way lumbar support, overall score and reliability score lowered by 69%. Do not buy this vehicle at all, it is not good for you and only received 3 MPG overall in our testing”

    Consumer Reports logic

  17. How do you say it is more fuel efficient? We had a 1998 Eddie Bauer Expo that got a 13/18, and according to Motor Week, this version gets and average of 9mpg. How is that an improvement? How about this: Stop pushing the Kool-aid on us and call it what it is – an over-bloated, over-engineered gas hog.

  18. So .. you're ticked off that it is TOO capable. Then this reviewer pans the Navigator for "uncomfortable 30 way seats"…..

  19. While it is better than the suburban and Tahoe mechanically… the exterior styling is just atrocious. GM does a better job at designing big, attractive, and masculine truck based SUV’s.

  20. consumer reports is completely lost reviewing anything that isn’t a camry or an accord

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