Home Car Review 2018 Honda Odyssey – Review and Road Test

2018 Honda Odyssey – Review and Road Test


Completely redesigned for its 5th generation the 2018 Honda Odyssey is comfortable, easy to drive, and filled with clever technology and features. It might be the most family-friendly minivan yet created.

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  1. Is no one aware you fold the second row seats compact before you remove them ? IF you remove the seats as shown in the video – maybe you shouldn't be able to drive…

  2. 2nd and 3rd gen were the best of it's kind in the US, 4th was so so, kindda rebadged 3rd. this one however, a come back

  3. I love the host <3 and this Van looks awesome. I never wanted a van until now and I don't have kids ahahaha.

  4. Pacifica's seats are not as good as the Odyssey's. They are too thin and much much less supportive, not meant for really long driving.

  5. No thanks. I'd rather wait for all new Kia minivan coming next year as 2019 model. Cheaper, more reliable and best of all it has the best warranty in the minivan segment.

  6. The Odyssey, and Pacifica are so small. The old Odessy was so much bigger in the 3rd row. Only the Toyota Sienna and Nissan Quest is the biggest overall.

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