Home Car Review 2018 SRT Grand Cherokee Review!! From A Trackhawk Owners Perspective..

2018 SRT Grand Cherokee Review!! From A Trackhawk Owners Perspective..


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  1. my opinion but paying more than 35k for an American car is not worth it, let alone 80 to 100k.

  2. This old and I'm thinking about vehicles I want for the future but I appreciate how real you were in comparing it to your trackhawk. You spent all of that money and wasn't even in the slightest afraid to admit it. I would choose this now because of the money but thats real shit G.

  3. The trackhawk is almost 300lbs more than the Cherokee srt is one factor. The gearing may also be different, effecting the sotp feel some.
    What’s funny is the trackhawk being so heavy at 5300lbs isn’t a whole lot quicker than the scatpack above 100mph…

  4. Trackhawk is a beast but I can never spend 100,000 on a Chrysler. Sorry. Lol. I would get the srt though

  5. Track hawk is way more legendary! Like that gold silent scar on fortnite!

    You flossing the purple scar

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