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2019 Honda Passport Quick Drive | Consumer Reports


Honda has revived the Passport for 2019, appealing to buyers who need the extra cargo space but can live without the additional third-row seats. A smooth and refined powertrain, roomy interior, and standard advanced safety gear make the Passport a viable SUV. 

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  1. I don't usually drive cars that I'm probably not going to want to buy, but your commentary is so different from other more complimentary reviews, I'm going to make a point of getting my hands on a Passport. Very often, Consumer Reports looks at things a different way and catches things that will annoy a long term owner, whereas other reviewers will not.

  2. The Passport makes a lot of sense. It's not an 'old people suv' like the CR-V. Plus it has more room, more durable interior, tried and true engine and transmission and more off road capability than the Ford and Nissan.

  3. After watching KBB, RedLine, and Alex On Autos saying nothing but great stuff only makes me question CR. Hell even MotorTrend has stated good things. Shows how bias CR is.

  4. Thanks. The 9 speed transmission historically is a lemon and I am not going to spend $40k plus on a transmission that has a track record if not reliable.

    The gas mileage at 19 and 24 is a huge disappointment.

    I can buy a Toyota 4 Runner that is a true off road for about the same cost and fuel economy.

  5. Well same old 3.5l engine use in all honda v6 for the past 10 year and the pilot as well which I hope is much cheaper. also everything seem tight in the engine bay look like.

  6. Does glossy black trim in high traffic areas like around the cup holder, on the infotainment system and on the steering wheel bother anyone else? To me it is a deal breaker because it creates unnecessary glare, is a fingerprint magnet, and picks up so many scratches that it starts to look old and worn down within a few years

  7. Are you guys going to make an update video of the 2017-2018 Honda CRV oil dilution issue? Many people like myself have had the recall complete and oil dilution is still a major problem. (1 full inch above max line)

  8. Was finally able to grab a Passport for an extended period. I see what you mean about the stiff ride, but consider it relative to vehicles with off road pretensions. I think it has to do with wanting to provide a slightly more off road-oriented vehicle.  

    With the head unit, I had no problem…but my everyday car is a 2014 KC2, which has a notoriously slow and glitchy Honda head unit, so I might not have the right perspective.  

    Noticed a little hesitation, which they might be able to fix with a retuning TSB (they do that a lot). 

    Did not like the seats and interior much, but I'm looking at it from the perspective of an owner who is very happy with the interior quality of his current Honda. I was sorry to walk away knowing this was not a vehicle I'd want for myself, whereas in the not too distant past almost every Honda would have been one with which I would be happy. Because I do not like it, I'm sure it'll sell like hotcakes.

  9. Its so basic looking. I thought it was below the CR-V by looking at it. The rear of it is really generic and any of the competitors she named look way better. Im sure it will be reliable but its just basic looking inside and out. But hey thats what some people want and go for.

  10. I just, today, got back from a 170 plus trip each way to swap out a Passport EX-L 2wd for a different Color Passport EX-L 2wd dealer trade. Mostly interstate about 85% and city and two lane road for the other 20%. My speed ranged from 60-80 mph. Although the mpg is rated 24 mpg highway. I averaged almost the same MPG with both vehicles 27-28 mpg for the trip each way. That is pretty good, I don't know why they rated it so low as the Pilot is rated at 27 mpg on 2wd, I believe. The Pilot will get around 27mpg on the road too. I felt like these vehicles handled well, steering was good as opposed to a couple of testers who said it was not. The three things I do not care for are: !. The stupid push button gear selector. They tried them in the mid 50s and with in 10 years the push button gear selector was history. Dont know why they are back. I dont like them because you have to look at the closely to get the right gear, whereas on a handle gear shift, you dont really need to look, just change them easily. It takes time to look and punch the right button, which means you are not looking at traffic and you cant change as fast with the push button crap. 2. The rear view mirror is TOO Small, You have to move your head to get it centered to the back glass. Yep, I know you can adjust the mirror, but I still have to adjust my head to get the full view. Were it just a little bigger it would be better., 3. NO tuning knob on radio that you could operate without looking, waking you eye off the road. Just a touch screen tuner, that you HAVE TO look at to operate…UNSAFE!. Oh…and one more thing…a BIGGIE! Cost too damned much, it is expensive as the PILOT, and real close to the new RDX Acura. I would get the Acura over the Pilot, IF it was good with regular gas instead of Premium which is recommended. Some say you can run regular in a Acura and others say no. Dont know whet the truth is, but if the Acura broke and there was regular in tank, I am sure them would try to fault you for that. BTW, I have driven several of the new 2019 Acura RDXs and they are sharper lookiing and have the 4cyl turbo and a ten speed automatic transmission. More fun and get about the same mileage as the Passport or Pilot. That turbo is quick too due to more torque.

  11. I checked the Elite trim out. Nice vehicle but no stop n' go or slow speed follow feature from it's adaptive cruise control. For the price that should be included.

  12. I've done a ton of research on this new Passport and this lady has no clue what she is talking about. What a stupid review.

  13. This is not Honda's best effort – 9 speed ZF transmission should have been retired long ago. – bad seating comfort..huge wheels are a big negative..

  14. If off-road capabilities are not important , then I want to know how it fares against new Santa Fe.

  15. Maybe you’re driving different Honda’s than everybody else because I only hear of brand loyalty and good customer service if something goes wrong. And just saying, no Subaru beats this car in any aspect whatsoever, so your ratings are either wrong or biased. Absolutely ridiculous and now I don’t want to trust your reviews anymore. Drove this and the Pilot with the 9 speed auto, didn’t notice anything wrong and it drove very smooth and is quick/reliable. What else do you want? A Toyota/Lexus badge?

  16. I hope the infotainment system is not the same one as the Pilot and Odyssey. I've had a ton of problems with it on my 2019 Pilot.  The U.S. law firm of Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro are preparing a Class action lawsuit against Honda(link below) for their 2018 Honda Odysseys and 2019 Honda Pilots like mine due a defective and dangerous infotainment system.  Honda withheld this information. Had it made it public I never would have bought my Lemon Pilot that has given me so much stress since I purchased it. In my humble opinion, Honda dealerships should not ethically be selling defective vehicles that may endanger people's lives (instrument cluster goes dead) and cause so many people so many headaches. It goes against any reasoning. People buy a brand new vehicle to be worry free. It is deceitful to sell a vehicle Honda knows to have a serious problem. It is not normal to have to strip the interior of a brand new vehicle from dash to tailgate including seats and ceiling to rewire it and have the owner suffer the consequences of loose connectors and misinstalled panels. The law firm just reposted one of my videos on Youtube. Here is the link:

    My other audio/screen/infotainment issues:
    Video1A: https://youtu.be/xtB0YSUksnA
    Video1B: https://youtu.be/_f3ckCo32oM
    Video 1C: https://youtu.be/K-v4f1BipUE
    Video2: https://youtu.be/E_Wgs6T-3M0


    If you have any of these issues please contact me or the law firm.

  17. Wow, I thought the Pilot look really good and perform above average for the vehicle in that segment. How did CR rated the Pilot so low?

  18. CR will eventually buy one and test it at their facility, but until then they thought that they would rent one, so they could get in some early Honda bashing.
    The Honda Civic bashing started in the CR magazine, back in 2006.

  19. This was the biggest bullshit review think I've ever listened to, I just bought the same exact vehicle and I'm very happy with it, the Ford Edge has no comparison to the Passport.

  20. Consumer Reports have the opposite reviews compared to majority of well known credible auto journalists with thie Honda Passport.
    Is the majority wrong and CR right?.
    Nah…CR has just got it wrong all the time. They need to overhaul their overly biased reviewers.

  21. I own both an edge and passport. I love my edge but it can not compete in handling. Decent cargo space, is she kidding? Seems 25% larger than my edge.

  22. Why do all these suvs look like giant turds. The 4runner sells like crazy and the styling is close the same as it was ten years ago. Rear windows you can actually see out of. Look at the new Explorer, a nice looking suv, very non-turdlike. Face it, most car choices are made by the man in the family, and we don't want to drive a turd.

  23. Great video! I changed my mind on the passport after this and I’m looking more towards an rdx for it’s features

  24. I disagree with this review. I test drove the Passport a few days ago and thought it was one of the best SUVs on the market. I've also test driven the Edge, Explorer, Telluride, and Palisade. What I like about the Passport is it actually feels like you're driving a truck. It feels like a real SUV though it might not look like one. I think a better comparison would be an SUV that does some "light" off-roading which is what the Passport is designed to do rather than the Edge.

  25. Everyone loves this car. WTF are you talking about? Anyway Scotty Kilmer told us not to listen to y'all

  26. hello, i am a new 2019 honda passport touring owner. i am here in canada. the touring is the top trim level. picked it up last week. just today – thu april 30th i get the infamous loss of radio signal and then the network communication failure and it goes dark. no pwer on it. then a few mins later it turns on by itself to the sirius xm station i was originally listening too. this happened 3 times within an hour. but the 4th time it never turned back on. stayed dark for an hour and i got home. turned the vehicle off. waited 3 mins and turned it back on. but NO screen. was dark. nothing. MANY videos on youtube also show the SPEEDOMETER goes dark as well. nothing showing your speed. THAT becomes a SAFETY issue. not a cosmetic one like the radio not working. videos show the infotainment screen turns off at the SAMETIME the speedometer screen goes dark. thats not good. im assuming all honda sending isnt working either since nothing is on the screen above the steering wheel. yes the passports have the SAME infotainment system as the pilot and odyssey's. and the samething is happening to 2019 acura rdx models as well. this is a HUGE SAFETY issue for honda. a HUGE class action lawsuit has started the the states. here in canada i dont see one yet. i need to start one because the issues are with the passports as well and it MIMCS the u.s. case. this is a SAFETY issue folks. look at these videos. would this be cool for you to drive in these situations with a 3 year old in the back seat? maybe not knowing if the honda sensing is working or not. not knowing how fast you are going…..hmmmmmm sounds like it becomes a NON street vehicle without a speedometer no??? WAKEUP HONDA !!! this is going to be a HUGE recall for you. odyssey's, pilots, passports, acuras. wow.
    you can run and deny but you will NOT be able to hide.


    read the link i am attaching. a HUGE lawsuit has ALREADY started !!! im in canada so i cannot get in on it. i have a 2019 PASSPORT. its doing the SAMETHING !!! just got it last week. UNREAL.


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