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2019 Subaru Forester Quick Drive | Consumer Reports


The Subaru Forester – consistently rocking CR’s testing for years – is redesigned for 2019 with a roomier interior, and an impressive roster of standard safety equipment. Also good news is that the ride and handling have both improved.

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  1. This needs a turbo and a proper transmission.

    – Every person ever who isn't going to be buying a Forester.

  2. There have been demonstrations on other YouTube videos where this "CVT" has more trouble getting over rocks than the older Subarus with 5 speed units. The CVT likes to shut down to prevent damage if the loads get too difficult, while the five speed you can lock into a low gear and get up the rocks. Even the "X" setting does not work with the CVT. So if you want to go over difficult rocks, good luck with this new Subaru – you may not make it (it has nothing to do with the engine, but the CVT).

  3. Is it true Subaru cars has automatic transmission issues???

  4. Sounds great. I confess I'm a little envious of the softer ride over my 2015 model, the much nicer infotainment system, and the reduced noise on heavy acceleration. But even with those flaws I love mine. It just does everything I need it to do. I especially love having it as the snowy months approach! I'll never forget how it climbed my steep driveway in half a foot of snow and regular tires. And I LOVE the adaptive cruise control and collision avoidance.

  5. If anyone asks me, improving CVT is equivalent to turd polishing. Note "CVT" here does not include Toyota's planetary gear system.
    Look, I used to be pro-CVT, but I've owned an Impreza with one since 2014.

    The more I use it, the more irritating it gets. And frankly, the fake stepping is part of the problem, but the bigger problem is that the chain will slip against the cones eventually, no matter how well you make them. You can't argue with physics.

    I really only got the car for the EyeSight(TM), which I love, but seeing as how Subaru refuses to combine EyeSight with manual transmission, I won't be buying another Subaru. In fact, I'm looking to replace both of my cars (both Subaru's) soon with Toyota (TSS-P w/ MT) and/or Honda (Honda-Sensing w/ MT).

    It's really a shame because I love Subaru's exterior/interior design (awesome outward visibility, simple & functional), and their steering/suspension tuning. Subaru engines? Meh. I don't hate them, nor like them.

  6. During your review could you please review how well the visibility of the headlights and Fog lights work. I never have heard anyone review how well the lights/Fog lights work on any car. Maybe I'm the only one who cares.Thanks
    The reason I ask is because I have a 2013 Mazda CX-5 and the Fog lights are useless. Of course maybe they improved them since 2013.

  7. The fact that they got rid of the turbo xt model turns me off. That used to be the only reason I actually liked this suv more compared to every other similar small suv out there

  8. Hi! Love your channel. My question is, does the new ascent share similar transmission with the new forester? Thanks!

  9. Most people who buy these don't care about the engine and tranny, all they want is a practical reliable family SUV. And that's exactly what this forester delivers on.

  10. Will be interesting to see how CU likes the solely available engine (enough power for passing? mountains driving?). Pity they didn't think much of '14 era XT while liking the '09 XT (odd as '14 XT had chassis and other improvements over '09 version).

  11. So what is the verdict ? The 2019 Subaru Forester Touring or the 2018 Honda CR V Touring ? Which one is the Best ?

  12. I think Subaru offers good value at the lowest trim levels but they get pricey pretty fast and you are then stuck with a cheap looking dash in a not so inexpensive vehicle. JMHO

  13. Even with a no option base model you are looking at the 9's for 0-60. This should have been turbo charged. I agree with dumping the XT, the sales numbers were a joke.

  14. Subaru's are over priced and overrated. Funny how CR overlooks the cases of blown head gaskets caused by over-burdended engines and damaged transmissiosn on the turbo models. Pass!

  15. Overhyped ugly forester. And doesn't come with a manual transmission standard. Seriously??? Way to screw the consumer once more! I will not buy your overpriced CVT transmission that costs at least twice as much to replace, and isn't even a tenth as fun. Should belong in the dumpster. In fact the car kinda looks like a bulky moving box. Poor styling!

  16. People who call the Forester boring also said that the Model 3 is a great car – fun fact vanilla & practicality sells. Flashy empty promises may earn internet points, but certainly not profits or a business case.

  17. Did subru solve the problem burning oil consumption for 2019 i would lkie to know i am interested in buying one thanks

  18. SUBARU reduced development cost by implement same chassis (Global foundry ) on Impreza,Xv and Forester.
    same 2.0L 152hp engine on Impreza,Xv and Forester (on some country).
    Same CVT Transmission on Impreza,Xv and Forester.
    Same AWD system on Impreza,Xv and Forester(except for XMode).
    Same interior design on Impreza,Xv and Forester.
    Same options on all trim from premium and limited can be found on Impreza,Xv and Forester.
    On 2019 models Subaru success to reduce engine noise under normal acceleration and enhance ride comfort.

  19. Subaru is sinking their business by committing to a crappy CVT transmission (all the original enthusiasts who helped build up this brand are gone). If they go back to the traditional automatic transmission people will be rushing back to Subbie!!

  20. My wife and I don't give a crap about the lack of a turbo, our 2019 gets us where we want to go. Not one complaint. I drive it on rocky – hilly – steep roads at my gun club with ease.

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