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2019 Volvo XC40 Quick Drive | Consumer Reports


Utility and safety are what set the Volvo XC40 apart from its competitors in the entry-level luxury SUV segment. Thoughtful storage solutions throughout the cabin and standard advanced safety gear are highlights. However, frustrating controls are prevalent, such as the unintuitive gear selector, and a convoluted infotainment system.

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  1. Change is difficult for Consumer Reports. Let's compare the XC40's gear selector to a traditional selector:

    Drive: Double-click the lever back.
    Reverse: Double-click the lever forward.
    It doesn't matter which position (P, N, R or D) you're coming from.

    Traditional gear selector
    Drive: First, press and hold the release button. Second, move the lever three, two or one notch(es) back from P, R or N, respectively.

    Reverse: First, press and hold the release button. Second, move the lever back one notch from P; or move the lever forward one or two notches from N or D, respectively.

    Both require two actions. The XC40 is simpler, faster and D and R can be easily selected entirely by touch. Traditional gear levers have to be moved fairly slowly to avoid overshooting the desired position, require more physical effort and cannot be safely operated entirely by touch.

    Are the Consumer reports experts unaware that by law N must between R and D, so a single push to go between R and D is not an option?

  2. LOL please tell me more about these “better rounded offerings from brands with more cachet”. The BMW X1? Mercedes Benz GLA? CR – I’m sorry, but you’re a joke.

  3. Wait…..there are strong competitors in this class????!!!!
    I'm pretty sure only the BMW x1 has a slight chance right now

  4. Wow Consumer reports seems to be a bunch of naysayers BTW The rear head rests fold down so you have a fine view Poor review Nit picking at its finest I actually like the shifter Hit it once by mistake and you do no engage the transmission Tons of safety features Radio is excellent Tablet works well May not handle like a 90,000 Porsche SUV but what does Thanks for a very mediocre review

  5. Change is difficult for Consumer Reports.

    Double standards and selective use of data:

    Like the XC40, cars with traditional selectors remain in neutral if the ignition is switched off with the selector in neutral. Consumer Reports doesn't complain about it on cars with traditional selectors, but sees it as a problem with the XC40.

    If anything, Consumer Reports should have pointed out the following advantages of the XC40 over cars with traditional selectors: The XC40 will automatically switch to P if the ignition is turned off with the transmission in D or R; or if the driver unbuckles the seat belt and opens the driver door with the engine running.

  6. I plan to test drive a Volvo base model and the Toyota 2019 Rav 4 Unlimited.

    I figured that is s good comparison since they are close in price.

  7. Why is CR so retarded about the infotainment system? I've seen dozens of reviews that rate this system as one of the most logical and easy to use on the market.

    And let me explain something to CR about Volvo's "stiff" ride. People who buy European cars don't want the mushy ride of an American or Japanese equivalent.

  8. If I hear one more person bitching about the gear selector, I'm going to throw up. Seriously, two clicks is just SO FRUSTRATING you can't deal with it? Give me a break. It's a SAFETY feature to prevent accidental gear shift changes, obviously.

  9. I looked up the Volvo's ride quality in other reviews and found "Ride quality also leaves little to complain about," "XC40 has an excellent, fluent and quiet ride to match its impressive cabin sealing," "the XC40 has the ride quality of a large luxury sedan." Yet somehow CR, like you do with every Volvo review, says it is stiff and uncomfortable. Maybe you have your minds made up about the ride before you get in the vehicle. Overall, you give an impression this auto is mediocre yet most reviews say it is one of the best in the class if not the best. What's up with that?

  10. Can't wait till i get my xc40 in 2 days 😂🤣😂 sold my old honda civic type r fn2 😢😢😭😭

  11. 80 Days, 6 hours left till I pickup my R-Design XC-40 … not counting at all

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