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2020 Subaru Outback Quick Drive | Consumer Reports


The Subaru Outback has been redesigned for 2020, including an available 2.4-liter turbo four-cylinder engine, redesigned infotainment screen, and a number of advanced safety features standard.

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  1. They are perhaps trying to "replicate" the maze-like complexity of Volvo's infotainment systems? Usability in cars tech is heading toward a risky path for sure… I mean the climate controls in a touch screen in a crossover conceived for the outdoors and snowy freezing weather… Oh well! The Outback is my favorite crossover and one day I might be able to get one but this trendy do it all infotainment system is purely irrelevant. So I hope by then they will realize that knobs and buttons in a crossover destined for the outdoors are the best design choice… And they can make them look and feel trendy as well, why not!

  2. The auto stop start is smoother on the turbo model you say. Its smoother because it is not fitted on the turbo.

  3. Common, CR! Candy Crush analogy on the screen? That's cute! You'd prefer black and white? Or a few dozen hard buttons scattered around the dash? It's a 2020 vehicle and when a vehicle's many systems allow this degree of customization, please do offer up how it could have been better rather than dismissing it with silly analogies! I think you underestimate people's ability to figure this stuff out in the age of the smartphone.

  4. Subaru: Safety systems save lives. Also Subaru: We hope you enjoy your console television required to turn the heat on.

  5. im sorry? this subaru for $40000!!!???? option a Camry to the max and you're still under 38K, You can get a well-equipped Highlander for 40K or less

  6. Many CR subscribers online complain about Subaru oil consumption problems and CVT problems such as overheating, but for some reason consumer reports still rates Subaru as ultra reliable. Plus Subaru has a major recall that includes rebuilding millions of engines, because they have engine problems too! CS really needs to lower the reliability ratings of Subaru!

  7. Try turning on the heat (or other important functions) in the Winter when that electronic TV set in the middle of the dashboard goes South.

  8. Obviously determined to find something to complain about. Child-like graphics? Silly comment. They look fine. Great in fact.

  9. Our 6 cylinder 2011 Outback lacks all that electronic stuff. With only slightly more than 50K, we hope to keep it practically forever. It is truly an awesome vehicle.

  10. I'm glad I got a 2019 3.6r back in July. I hate auto start stop with a passion. And prefer buttons and displacement over a turbo.

  11. Have been considering this along with the Honda passport, which I am leaning toward at the moment. I have doubts about the cvt, electronic controls, and wind/road noise for the Outback. Another aspect which I think is overlooked is the experience at dealerships. I have only visited one Honda dealership so far but that experience has exceeded that of visits to some Subaru dealerships.

  12. If you can try to use Costco's auto buying program, i got my onyx for 700 below list with no haggle (did not try to go lower). For the price of a 60 membership card at Costco i saved thousands, rare if ever will i shop at Costco.

  13. I can accept a lifted wagon with AWD such as a VW Golf Alltrack or say a 2001 Subaru Outback. I can also accept current crossovers like a Subaru Forester or a VW Tiguan even if they’re not my cup of tea. But what I don’t like is this car….it’s too tall to still be a car but too low to be an SUV. I know tons of people will buy it and love it but not I.

  14. This and most Subarus with narrow tracks look very tippy. CR should put them through the same test they did with Suzuki Samurais back in the 80's.

  15. I love Subaru an i have own 3 so far. I think there a great car But I don't think I'll buy another one until the company move there vehicles to all electric. The boxer engine is a great engine But the electric motor would be far better and far better for the environment as well as being more reliable.

  16. After only one day of driving my 2020 Outback with the tablet-style touchscreen, I find it very intuitive and responsive. I'm not sure why CR hates this kind of technology so much. That said, having to turn off the auto engine stop feature each time the car is restarted it annoying. We live in Florida and need the A/C to be running almost year 'round. They need to re-program this feature in the next update.

  17. I want to buy a new 2020 Outback XT Touring but today I plugged my iphone in and found my WAZE image on the large Subaru front console is ridiculously small. It appeared smaller than on my iPhone !!! and had less contrast. . What is the point of such a large console when my WAZE navigation cannot be seen by the driver. My 2019 Subaru Crosstek is brilliantly bright and large when using WAZE with Apple Car Play. They better figure out a software update to enlarge the screen. I won't buy the car if they cannot improve it. This is a terrible design flaw .

  18. …. very spartans in the drawing tables ….. exterior wise … pristine settings /landscapes ….

  19. I test drove one last week, the tech is really intuitive to use, I’m not sure what he means by “buried in the menu”, as it took roughly two clicks to get to pretty much anything you needed. Also, since all of that should be done prior to hitting the road, does it matter even if it does take you a more than 3 seconds to get there?
    For my part I felt the large touchscreen really pars down and simplifies that issue of having multiple screens controlled from locations all over the cabin in the 2019 🤷🏼‍♀️

  20. I harp on this repeatedly, hoping the message gets through, but the electronic gadgets of my top-line '17 Forester are the car's weakest point and I have yet to hear Subaru has learned: 1) the key is hair-trigger for unwanted actuation while carried in my pocket, and the car does not ever re-lock when this happens 2) too-slow reaction times for power lift gate and auto headlights 3) power seat position memory loses its place on height, going to max height after every 6 weeks or so of normal driving 4) nav screen seldom shows the correct zoom-in level 5) cannot turn off the stereo when transmission is in Reverse. 6) the TPMS system requires expensive dealer action every 6 months when winter tires are installed and removed

  21. If what you mean by candy crush is that the large infotainment screen is eye candy and it crushes the competition, then I would have to agree.  Buttons and knobs belong in the landfill next to window cranks.  After seeing the 2020 Outback’s dash, every other compact and midsize SUV looks dated.  The UX designers got this Outback’s dash perfectly right.  I expect others will soon follow their lead.  I will gladly make use of the auto stop-start and CVT for Greta.  It would be environmentally irresponsible not to have those two features in a gas vehicle today.  I was not considering Subaru until I saw the technology I was looking for in the 2020 Outback for under $40K. The 2020 Outback checks all my boxes so I ordered a Touring XT.  I should receive it in a few weeks.

  22. Some practical details please. I want to know how it feels to sit in the car, how does it work for tall people? Is it any good for loading? Folding seats? Pulling a trailer? I don´t care about the engine apart from not being too weak for pulling a trailer…

  23. Subaru is well known for its in-born long-lasting engine oil burn problem due to the design of horizontal box engine. Has this problem ever be solved?

    Although these brokers give nice review videos, I hope that the buyers get unbiased information before they buy.

  24. We've been driving Outbacks for over 20 Years. In Duluth, Mn. ( Like the
    streets of San Fransisco but with ice, and snow.) I will not be buying a
    new Outback. The engine offerings flat out suck. We test drove a '20
    2.5 Touring, and a '20 XT limited. The 2.5 has absolutely no right being
    in a $40K car. One of the worst engines for NVH that Subaru has ever
    built. Gutless, noisy, and full of vibration. The 2.4 XT is a little
    better. But, there's no power without getting into the boost. Fuel
    mileage will suffer dramatically. Coming off a stop, and trying to
    accelerate like you're not holding up traffic behind you, means you HAVE
    to build some boost. Then, there is significant lag. The 2.4 XT is also
    a DI engine with no thought of crankcase ventilation. There will be
    trouble with carbon deposits on the valves. It's a well known, and
    documented problem with engines designed like this. We'll be sticking
    with our 3.6R Touring. Not quite as nice an interior. But a much better
    car overall.

  25. I purchased a new Outback in 2017. It had RAB and many other electrical problems from the start. I had it in the shop 10 times for repair. towed to the dealer no less than 4 times. Went a total of 42 days without my car. It was a Lemon. Even the district service manager told me to contact Subaru Customer service to get a full refund, as they could not figure out what is wrong with the car. After months of being given the run around, Subaru customer service did not refund my money as they should have. Major problem with the dealer, they do not give you any paperwork, to prove you were there in the first year, they delete the PC history, (destroy the evidence). I traded my car in, still under warranty, still not fixed. I lost over $14,000 . Fair warning to everyone, Subaru does not stand behind the customer. Subaru knows I was treated wrong, but refuse to do what is right. Subaru has had plenty of time to investigate my Lemon of a car, and make good, they have refused.

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