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24 Several hours of Lemons Race Auto Review – Crossthreaded Special Report


We confirm to all car or truck brands that we are a drive to be reckoned with by laying down some Serious Automotive Journalism.

We just take you by the Our Lady of Perpetual Downforce ’88 Civic Actual Racing Auto. We race this heap with some friends in the 24 Several hours of Lemons, which is a Actual Racing Series and not a strange circus that is much more about becoming preposterous than racing.

Whoops, no, scratch that, it can be a circus.

Thank you to Brian Van Hiel, owner of Our Lady.

Stay tuned for our 2017 racing schedule in which we bring our hamfisted driving to even much more tracks!

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  1. Please tell me that's not a crx…. I'd cry if it was a crx…
    oh thank goodness it's not a crx
    You should have put the wing supports towards the rear of the wing for better downforce

    Also how much does it cost about car wise to run in 24 hours of lemons?

  2. God demmit! Why cant we have things like that be appreciated by the larger audience? What is wrong with us? This is a good show!

  3. Good to see the two of you are still making fantastic shows?. I actually have a yet too be built RX8 lemons car that I got for zero dollars(it's done blowed up) so just looking for a motor for it but I'm in no hurry?cheers.

  4. You guys seem like you have a blast making the show and it's very obvious to the viewer. Keep it up!

  5. I'd love to race in Lemons! It always looks like a blast. That car is over the top, too! Active aero is great!

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