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24 Ways To Save Money, Version 1.0


Saving at the 99 cent store.

I shop at the 99 cent store. Many of my products that I use daily (IE hand soap, paper towels, plastic utensils, etc) do not need to be name brand and I save money by going generic. In addition, some non-perishable food can be purchased there, such as beans and canned goods. Since everything is only 99 cents, you can save a lot of money, which is great for a poor college student such as myself.

Weekly budget = monthly savings

Throughout this tough economy, saving money become a very important step in order to survive our everyday lives. A step I take in order to save, is to give myself a weekly budget for food, bills, and miscellaneous things. That way, I can have extra money to put in a savings towards the end of the month.

Secret compartment in the car.

I have a small compartment in my car just large enough to hold a wad of cash. When I need to save some money I stash cash in that compartment and always forget about it for some reason. When I realize it’s there later (usually when I go to stash more cash) I take the money in the compartment out and put it in my savings account. Then I put the new stash there. Makes no sense I know, but for some reason it works for me.

Sharing clothes with cousin’s kids.

I share clothes for the kids with my cousins kids. As kids grow their clothes become short for them and most of the expensive clothes are as good as new and still of no use to the grown up kids. We exchange such clothes and hence save a lot of money. I give my kids clothes which are used by my cousins younger one and I take the clothes from my cousins older kid for my kid.

When “Convenience Fees” Become Inconvenient

I stopped paying the 45 cent convenience fee to fill up my tank of gas. It really irked me every time I had to pay it, so I finally gave in and applied for a debit card with the gas station I frequent. I feel better having that fee waived, and wonder why I waited so long take action.

Consolidation. It’s not just for multinationals

I have consolidated my home voice and television services into my Internet — I use Google Voice to make free calls in the USA, and I watch television and movies on Netflix and Hulu. Although I’m only able to take and receive calls when I have my netbook handy, I consider it to be a traveling landline that I can use whenever I’m at home, or out roaming where there’s free wifi. That’s an extra eighty to a hundred bucks in my pocket every month. Score!

Banked Money Is Saved Money

A way to save money is to not waste it on unnecessary things, and putting it away at a bank. Sometimes when something is in reach, it’s tempting to use, so banking money is a good method.

Avoid Eating Out.

Avoid eating out at work. If you can bring leftovers from the previous nights meal, or make something at home and pack it to take with you. Packed lunches are MUCH cheaper than 10-15 for a meal daily. You’ll only spend 2-5 by packing.

Shake, Shake, Shake. Shake Your Aerosol Can.

I always shake aerosol cans that I purchase in retail stores. Get it close to your ear and and give it a few good shakes. Try several- until you get one that sloshes less than the rest- that will be the fullest one. It’s surprising how much products like that can vary in the amount of product in the can.

Vinegar. The Wonder Food That Works Wonders.

My best money saving tip for around the house is vinegar. You can use it for almost all your cleaning around the house, it disinfects and cuts grease too. I mix 1/4 cup into a spray bottle of water and a few drops of my favorite essential oils for a nice scent and voila an all purpose cleaner for just a few cents.

The Old Glass Jar Trick.

A personal way I have found effective to save money is daily putting at least 2-3$ into a glass jar. If I can I will put up to 5$ so there’s a new bill every day. Creating an ever expanding roll of money inside the jar is motivating to help save even more.

Save Energy, Save Money, Save The Planet.

I use those Energy Saving lightbulbs. Sure they cost more than regular lightbulbs, but in the long run they save more. My power bill has dropped by about a third since this time last year.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. Save, Save, Save.

To save money, use coupons! Check the Sunday paper and combine coupons with sale items.

Deliberately Messing With Your Checkbook.

In your checkbook register when you deduct an amount round it to the next whole dollar and subtract for your balance. Your new balance will actually be more and it will accumulate if you maintain this practice.

The High Cost Of A Brand.

One way I save money is I do not buy name brand anything. I buy store brand everything. You are getting the same product for at least two dollars cheaper in most places if not more when you buy store brand versus name brand.

Bravely Challenging The Dry-Clean Only Myth!

I’ve been washing clothes that recommend dry clean only. You’d be surprised how many come out well just by using the gentle cycle, and air only on the dryer. I’ve done this with cashmere, silk, and wool. If you’re careful how you dry and use gentle detergents and a little time. You basically don’t need the dry cleaners. Start small.

What A Teacher Learned

I have my job as a teacher so I saved my salary and I dont spend much. I also joined some small business with my partner about selling beauty products. And I grow my own vegetables.

Plan More. Shop Less. Spend Less.

Save money by going grocery shopping less often. Many people go to the grocery store several times a week. You always seem to buy more than you went in for. To save money go to the grocery store only once every two weeks. With a little planning you can get everything you need and cut your grocery bill in half.

No Access. No Spend.

The best secret for saving money is not to have access to the money. Start a savings account and do not sign up for a debit card, ATM card, or online banking. If you do this you can only get your money when the bank is open.

Consigner Of Designer.

I consign my old clothes to a local consignment shop which gives me a good cut of the selling price. The best part about it? Not only am I making some easy money and clearing out some space, it also means that someone else might be able to buy and enjoy an item that would have just been sitting in a box otherwise.

Half-Off At A Thrift Store.

I save money by going to thrift stores. Not only are these type of stores good for clothes but for household items to. My favorite is this one thrift store that has 1/2 off Wednesdays! So that $1.00 shirt is now $0.50!!! Its amazing what you can find name brand in their to.

Shoebox Money.

When you get paid pay yourself first before any bills or anything. Put money some where you can get to it like a shoe box with the lid taped up with a slit in the top maybe a girls bank account just somewhere that you cant tout it.

Tax Yourself $1.

Every time you buy something, put a $1 into a savings account. This is not only a disciplined way of putting money into your savings, but also can help you think twice about making unnecessary purchases.

Just Pay Cash.

Pay cash!! It’s really easy to hand over your credit card, but you’ll think twice before you count out actual money. And never leave the house without putting ALL your change in a change jar that goes only into savings.

By Paul D Angles

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