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3 Days in Paradise by Chameleon, A Book Review


Danielle, Dani for short, seems like a normal woman trudging through the trials and tribulations of life. The roller coaster of a ride can cause anyone to question what the reasons are and why things do not go the way you think they should. Dani certainly does that. She settles for something akin to what she wants instead of marching with determination and absolute resolve to garner the true essence of what she wants and needs.

Fate, destiny, whatever you wish to call it though, has different meanings and implications for different people. What one sees as fate, others see as coincidence. Dani, could not decide if what she experienced was fate, or even real. Maybe it was a complete hallucination of what she wanted her life to be, or hoped it would be like. After all she had been in an accident, maybe her mind was damaged or something.

The implications of this story are numerous. What we know as facts can not always be resolutely measured. We know love, we feel it in more ways than one, but we can not weigh it or see it in an absolute way. So it is with our emotions about death, birth, and our innumerous actions that we perform through our lives. We all account for them in some way, with regret, sadness, satisfaction or even joy. How Dani resolves her emotions about her life and actions she took Touches your heart.

Chameleon wrote with passion, letting you feel Dani's pain, her love, her every emotion. You road the car to her destiny and felt all the bumps, bruises and road blocks along the way. For a short story, the depth of character and issues was much more than I ever expected. The journey is touching, mysterious and heart wrenching through.

Some have said this is a religious story, I say it is an emotional story with the character deciding for her heart what is real, what is right, and what feels true to her very soul. It was what Dani believed and felt that made the story what it was. It was how well it was written that allowed us to no only be on the journey, but in it with our hearts and our soul. You can read this in less than a day, and truly enjoy it.

Writing short stories that stir your soul, imagination and emotions is not that easy. You do not have a whole book to develop your characters or expand the story to help with that. So when an author can create a short story that does it all, you have an author well worth reading. I can bet her other books are just as good if not better. Well done Chameleon, it was a great story well written and a pleasure to read.

By Colleen M Bratley

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