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3 Hot Tips To Get Your Screen Play Selected By Hollywood Studio Executives


Use a screenplay format that is compatible with

the Writer’s Guild preapproved formats: Sticking to a

screenplay software that formats your screenplay in

the above mentioned format, means a greater

chance of being viewed by the majority of

Hollywood Film executives and TV producer agents.

– Automate the process of sending your screenplay to studio executives: Screen play softwares do more

than just import your text screenplay to a pre

approved format. Using screenplay software you can

also submit, track, and send your query, synopsis,

and scripts to hundreds of industry contacts that are

included in the screenplay software. This way you

know more quickly and efficiently how the industry

is reacting to your screenplay synopsis or draft script.

It allows you to further improvise and re draft

certain sequences without wasting too much time on

chasing studio executives for an appointment. Learn

more about screenplay submission softwares

– Use screen play software that is endorsed by

Studios: Certain studios and Tv shows actually

endorse particular screenplay writing software and

will therefore be more warmer towards a screenplay

that is created and formatted using such software.

For example Movie Magic screenplay writing

software is the official software of Scryptic Studios, a

popular online organization of comic book writers.

It is also the official screenplay writing software of

Project Greenlight, a contest and reality television

show encouraging amateur screenwriters.

By Maria Dsouza

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