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3 Reasons Google Reviews Are So Important For Small Business


http://www.andrelvaughn.com It amazes me that many small businesses are failing to encourage their customers to leave Google reviews. If you have a brick and mortar business then please watch this video!


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0:00hey what’s going on this is andre of course from Andre tailbone . calm and in
0:05this video we’re going to discuss few reasons three reasons and particularly
0:10why Google reviews are so important for small business Google reviews are so
0:16underrated and I’m really surprised that many businesses don’t take heat to our
0:23powerful not just the reviews but the entire platform how powerful the entire
0:28platform is but the reviews are are really important and they’re really
0:33important in the search engines because people are searching for your products
0:38and services in your local area and even outside your local area in some cases as
0:43well one of the reasons that Google reviews are important is that it
0:49coexists within the Google platform and as you know google is the largest search
0:55engine in the world it’s a powerhouse it also has the obviously the second
1:01largest search engine it owns it is well which is YouTube and it’s very very very
1:09huge and not only that but the entire the entire platform is built with a lot
1:15of different things that go
1:18that works well within its platform of you have the reviews you have plus yeah
1:24zagat for forearm which is in a Google my business you can go to their website
1:32as well
1:33zagat website and you can see how how reviews or our customer reviews or play
1:40well within his platform but it coexists reviews coexist with google so you know
1:44if we coexist with google then you’re gonna get a lot more favoritism for a
1:49lot of other things that you do within the Google platform to get your products
1:53and services found search engine optimization or s ii o works well when
2:04you have a website so when you have a website you kind of get that extra
2:09little bump from Google because Google is the man or the woman or whatever you
2:15want to call but it’s a google is a big deal so SEO plays heavy and it is well
2:24so social proof reviews and social proof reviews a social proof work work
2:35hand-in-hand is well on the Google platform so make sure you don’t forget
2:40that make sure you subscribe to my channel want to make this video very
2:45very quick and let you know give you a few reasons while the reviews are
2:50important so if you’re a small business
2:53hey you might want to do some things like throw some signs up put some on a
2:59receipt and just let your customers know hey please give me a google review
3:05honest review I will pump that big time I really would hey make sure you
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