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3DS game reviews, Prey 2, LA Noire and iPad 2


Reviews of Rayman 3DS, Pilot Wings Resort, Super Street Fighter IV 3DS, iPad 2 and previews of Prey 2 and LA Noire. And a partridge in a PS3. Download the Game On app and follow us on twitter @gameongaming

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  1. @stephenwalrond i'm using chrome as well lol but i also tried safari and firefox, dont work either

  2. Is it me or is YouTube turning into spotify??? fucking adverts showing every time i watch something, hell, try and skip the video for a few mins and an advertisment plays -_-

  3. I don't get it L.A. Noire was developed in AUS YET! the US Gets it 3 days earlier ???

  4. haha men, you slap on some tits and a pretty face and you have them in your hand like putty lol

  5. Wow, this has to be the first review I have seen where they give no discernible information to help a consumer make up their mind on a purchase (other than that overly feminine male counterpart drooling over that amazingly pointless piece of hardware from apple). Granted, I have never seen a video from these people before this, but it seems they know little to nothing of what they are talking about. Seems more like commentary rather than a review. The chick is pretty cute, though.

  6. 1 I've ordered Rayman 3D for a tenner
    2 the Jak & Daxster sequels where amazing and better then the prcuser legacy

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