Home Car Review 4K Review: 2016 Mazda CX-9 Quick Drive | Consumer Reports

4K Review: 2016 Mazda CX-9 Quick Drive | Consumer Reports


Most affordable three-row SUVs are mundane to drive, but the Mazda CX-9 provides a welcome exception, with spry handling and generous torque from its turbo four-cylinder. But driver space is tight, and the infotainment system can be awkward.

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  1. In Canada. the top end goes for 53k plus taxes. I don't still see anything better than toyota highlander other than nappa leather and rosewood. toyota highlander is better compare to this vehicle and still have good resale value than this one.

  2. Which would you choose between a dodge durango v6 rwd citadel or this CX9 signature awd or fwd?

  3. Wow. Didn't shave? Dressed like a bum too. Don't go out of your way or anything. Someone is comfortable with his job. Hey consumer reports I'll take half his salary AND give a sh&t.

  4. Buy a CX-3 for half and pay down your mortgage, credit cards or student loan debt with the savings. Oh wait. You weren't paying cash for it. Believe it or not, you can raise kids in a smaller vehicle America and you just might be able to save money to pay for their college. Imagine that! Something parents used to do easily before Obama became president.

  5. I have to stop coming to this channel. motor trend, car and driver, kbb, driven by the NY times, and others all say that Mazda s infotainment system is one of the easiest to use, least distracting, and user friendly and consumer reports' geezer car testers can't figure anything out. also they say this car is not luxurious? name one mainstream cars with real wood AND Napa leather AND real metal. also the fact that that wood is crafted by a Japanese violin company was not mentioned. consumer reports can't review cars. they think a Buick is more sporty than every amg, Audi, BMW, and the Porsche Panamara. oh yeah and a hellcat, CTS v, ats v, and Aston Martin rapide. these b reviews are worthless garbage.

  6. I test drove this recently as I was anticipating this vehicle and found that in either driving mode, Normal or Sport, that as the CX9 slowly approaches a red light or making a turn and you normally slow down to about 10-15mph and suddenly you try to pick up speed and there, the turbo lag is evident for about 1-2 seconds!!! Nothing happens even with pressing the gas pedal. And I've read this same experience by auto journalist who reviewed this CX9 initially. On the flat freeway going 65-70mph, the CX9 is fine and quiet. Agreeable that most people drive in the low range of torque and the CX9 does it admirably, however, getting used to the way it drives requires some acceptance from people who are used to driving at least a V6. I have to wait and see the upcoming, refreshed Toyota Highlander with a new direct injected V6 with projected 280-295 hp and 8speed transmission! I've owned a Lexus RX350, Porsche Cayenne S and presently an Infiniti FX50Sport and I must say that driving the CX9 is quite acceptable to most…

  7. love this suv. Center console is a little too wide and no android auto. but wouldn't mind having one

  8. I test drove one last night with probably one of the BEST salesmen out there. This car is a BEAST!!! The handling is incredible! The cornering, turning radius and torque will make you want to put it on a track. It drives like a small sports car. I wish it had a panoramic roof option for the kiddos in the rear. Other than that, it's VERY well done. It's got to be the best handling 7 seater this side of a Porsche or BMW…

  9. never understood why some options arent available on some of the paint colors. why wont the mazda emulater let me order a soul red car with the red maroon leather.

  10. The fat stubby center console impedes on right leg space and movement. It was a deal breaker for me.

  11. Huge center console for no reason…dealbreaker for tall drivers like me. Makes no sense given Mazda's "philosophy" of minimalism and driver experience. Who would want to buy a family hauler for its great driving dynamics if it has a bad driving position?

  12. how is the air conditioner? Its so important, yet hardly mentioned in review. Can CR try to review air conditioners?!

  13. Agreed! It's like CR misses the mark on reporting how much better this MAZDA is than the competitive set.

  14. I used to really only read these guys, but then I realized all they do is complain.. oh she steering wheel doesn't come far enough out.. who gives a fuck? Move the seat up then. Thank god i switched over to reading motor trend and car and driver. These guys need to stick to reviewing refrigerators and iPhones.

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