Home Car Review 4K Review: 2017 BMW 5 Series Quick Drive | Consumer Reports

4K Review: 2017 BMW 5 Series Quick Drive | Consumer Reports


BMW has redesigned the 5 Series sedan with an emphasis on luxury. While the 5 Series offers a quiet and comfortable ride, it lacks the advanced standard safety equipment that you’d expect in this segment.

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  1. this car is no longer relevant. with Chump Trump rolling back EPA standards…turbos and hybrid will no longer be relevant.

  2. Since a near record about 4% of these cars are returned after one year, better deal to buy a one year old used model. Just wait a couple of years to get the second year model year and you are set at 19% off.

  3. BMWs are sooo bland. I swear they've been doing tiny incremental changes since 2010. nothing new, overpriced crap just like Apple

  4. The 5-series should come standard with the forced induction I6. Don't understand why a four-cylinder exists in a car like this.

  5. BMW doing luxury smooth drivers, Mercedes doing tire shredding track monsters.

  6. The "athleticism" and "sportiness" of a BMW often depends on how you spec it. This is a 4 cylinder car lugging around about 4000 pounds, to include an extra drive train for the front wheels. Had they gotten a rear drive 6 cylinder with the M-Sport package and possibly the dynamic handling package, it is a much different car to drive. On the new 5 series there are 3 separate suspension sets ups: the base, M-Sport, and Adaptive. I suspect CR got the base suspension and did not get the optional 4 wheel steering that is available for the 530i.

  7. Lol can't even compete against a well spec Camry. Once again the flagship brand gets rekt.

  8. Car is nice, but the BMW pricing considering its lack of standard equipment is an alarming trend.
    Also the G30 is getting too soft & cushy; seems more luxo-cruiser like a Continental than a driver's sport sedan like a CTS. BMW seems like they no longer care about drivers sadly.

  9. CR is now deducting points for shifters they can't figure out. Tip: if you can't figure it out CR, read the owners manual. After years of complaining about BMW shifters and being ignored by BMW they (CR) are now ok with them.

  10. Why do all these Americans think more cylinders the better? There is more to a car than # of cylinders! And if you care so much by more expensive 5 series models with inline-6 or V8 (upcoming).

  11. The 530i engine is for a person who wants luxury and efficiency. Not everybody needs to do 0-60 or burnouts on the way to work. A nicely equipped one costs under $60k. ?

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