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4K Review: 2017 Jeep Compass Quick Drive | Consumer Reports


The all-new Jeep Compass hopes to be a major player in the small SUV market. While the new styling plays heavy on Jeep heritage, the Compass may need improvements in refinement and reliability to be true competitor.

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  1. Give it a few more months before this vehicle makes it in their worst vehicles to buy. Personally, I would spend a few more thousand to buy a Ford, Honda, or any other make for that matter. FCAs are piece of s***.

  2. The most reliable review always by your channel..we learn the real story of the machine..well dome again and again…we are in love with Your report.victory to your team vir

  3. Consumers has hated Jeep since forever. Off road reviews for the Trailhawk are impressive for what it is. It's not a Wrangler, but definitely more highway friendly .

  4. It's funny how they want it to be a rolls Royce that can rock climb for like 20k 😂😂 fuck off CR🖕🏻

  5. Notice how Michelle Naranjo doesn't show her face and is "just a voiceover" and not a real staff member. Is this b/c they don't want Jeep fans to spit in her face?

  6. Damn you guys don't like FCA at all. Tbh if you hate a car company you can't make a decent video about it.

  7. This compass drives well off road but the engine is terribly sluggish for around town and especially on the highway..speeding up to pass another vehicles is almost scary.

  8. The biggest issue with this vehicle is the price. I saw one for sale that was $34k. Im sorry but I would rather have a wrangler or a second hand Grand Cherokee for that price.

  9. You dumb bitch, mostly for show? Ur hunk of shit rav 4 can't even go over leaves. Typical consumer reports idiotic review. Stick to what u dumbasses know. Blenders. Washing machines. Dishwashers These are also known as Toyotas. No wonder u love them so much.

  10. The old model they say is no good but yet you see them all over the place… I have the old model and love it

  11. So much hate for jeep in this review that I honestly can't call it a review, rather then a shitfest. Fuck consumer reports, they know nothing of what consumers want.

  12. I drove this car and it performed fine; anybody that's looking for a good looking SUV that's cheap in price, and an SUV to get you to point A to point B then this is it. I'm gonna' buy one, I don't know what she talking about. CR tripping..

    But everyone is entitled to their own opinion; so guys go out and test drive it for yourself.

  13. Consumer reports are shit. So bias if it does not say Honda or Toyota on the back of vehicle then it is subpar. I have worked at dealers for 33 years imports and domestic and they all have downsides and problems . Currently at a Chrysler Jeep dealer quite frankly there cars and trucks are very good products yes the 9 speed has had a rough start but as of the last year or more they have ironed out most of the 9 speed bugs. And as far as the guy that says folks that but Chrysler products are people that don't know any better is a moron

  14. When consumer reports shits on something like this… well, it's good evidence to why I tend to do exactly opposite of what they suggest. ,

  15. My mom owns a 2017 Ford Escape ! HORRIBLE 1.5 Engine has already been REPLACED the ride is stuff jarring , and uncomfortable. The transmission is hesitant and jerky and with HER SLOW driving only gets 22.1 MPG with stop start AND that little slow 1.5L “turbo” yeah NOT a better choice then the compass. I guarantee it.

  16. I have a 2018 Compass Latitude, green w/black roof and it’s been fun and great. Reliable, nice spacious interior, smooth ride for potholes, heated seats/steering wheel/windshield, we’ve taken it on a family road trip, did some off-roading with it and drifting in the MI snow… AND it’s affordable. Don’t see what’s not to like, unless it’s just not your style. I’ve had pretty mixed reactions to it. I say check them out.

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