Home Car Review 4K Review: 2018 Chevrolet Traverse Quick Drive | Consumer Reports

4K Review: 2018 Chevrolet Traverse Quick Drive | Consumer Reports


The Chevy Traverse was long overdue for a redesign. For 2018, the company’s large SUV gets refined and focuses on fuel economy, packaging and technology.

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  1. Consumer Reports is worried about the safety systems not being available throughout all trim levels, but they never mention the lack of a rear center seat headrest on the 2nd and 3rd row bench seats. This is a safety deal breaker if you plan on anyone sitting in those seats. Not sure why GM has omitted this throughout their vehicles (Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, Cadillac).

  2. No cup holders in 2nd row…. door stuff does not count. Hot coffee cup wont fit there. Transmission shifting to manual mode is not useful. Infotainment screen is for kindergarten and lacks serious looks.the list can go on…..

  3. Our 2009 Buick Enclave gave me PTSD over 4 years of ownership with it's numerous problems. I just got rid of the Enclave by paying a dealer $5000 to take it off my hands. The check engine light was on again – this time the dreaded P0017 and P0008 codes – loose timing chain due to incorrect oil change reminder system interval, requiring an engine transplant. Just watching this review and all the commonality still present between controls and buttons between previous generation and this generation is giving me a mild anxiety attack. Refined or not, GM is trash and will always be trash in my books. Take that $50K and go buy a Lexus GX460 or a mildly used LX570 and you won't have to see service except for routine oil changes.

  4. may i ask a question? it seems fairly settled that people buy three-row SUV's with the intent to use the third row for transporting children. of all the people that i have ever known, nearly all of them bought their midsize SUV's for that express purpose. but in every single car review that i've ever seen, car journalists perpetually squeeze these gigantic 6-foot tall men into the back seat, which is clearly designed for little children, and then complain about lack of space. is there any reason why journalists don't use actual children instead? why not ask a child (or even a teenager) to climb into the third row and give THEIR opinion about how spacious or comfortable it is? i have a 2017 hyundai santa fe, which a lot of auto journalists complained had a "tiny" third row. but out of the dozens of teens and kids i've had back there, they ALL love it and they think the air conditioning vents are the coolest thing ever 🙂 i'm just curious to know why you all of you guys use overly large men, rather than little kids, to test the third row???

  5. Can't u guys come up with your own designs?
    Always copying Ford. Looks exactly like the Ford explore. Just longer nose.
    Wish Ford would sue the fuck out of chevey. Sick of all Chevys lies and played actors and actresses.

  6. The 2018 Traverse seems really nice; too bad standard safety features on the $31k Toyota Highlander will cost you nearly $53k on the Chevrolet Traverse!!! WTF GM!!! SAFETY SHOULD NOT BE OPTIONAL!!!

  7. Gm quality and reliability sucks compared to Toyota. I'd rather invest my money in a reliable mid size suv that comes with tons of safety features like the highlander.

  8. I don't want forward Collison as standard and I don't want consumers report telling me it should.

  9. I am finishing up my second lease of a Traverse. Price jump is a deal breaker. No chance the LS or LT is worth over 40k. I guess it's time to change it up.

  10. Rented the 3ls model for the weekend.
    Hard to see behind you on the highway but the video enabled rear view mirror makes up for it; must have feature. This is the closest thing I could find to an awd mjnivan with decent ground clearance; maximum cargo space is important to me. Drove well. Visors are not wide enough when driving into the sun but I assume there is an aftermarket solution for that. I did the full coke can test in the second row doors; failed — lids mandatory. Everything else is good. Put a mountain bike sideways in it behind second row to check fit; ok but horizontal. You sit low in it compared to other vehicles; or I haven’t figured out the seats; 5’4”.

  11. I am very impressed w my AWD LS – I’ve gotten 29 MPG on highway, and about 18-20 around town. It has a very smooth ride, good acceleration. I like LS, only trim with 8 seats, you can easily get back into third row and trunk space is good. Great standard features.

  12. Bought one and LOVE it! But my only worry is the reliability plaguing other Chevy models, hopefully Traverse doesn’t have same issues

  13. When are you guys doing a Review on the 2020 Traverse? And what are the Improvements from the 2018 to the New 2020? Thanks.

  14. I rented one of these and it was really nice to drive. Smooth, quiet, capable. But $50,000 seems like a lot.

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