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4K Review: 2018 Toyota Camry Quick Drive | Consumer Reports


Toyota has redesigned the Camry for 2018, making it more exciting to drive, spruced up its styling, and freshened up the interior. But more importantly Toyota continues to make advanced safety features standard on all trim levels.

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  1. The Camry needs the 19 inch wheels that fill out the design much better. High revving engine great power it's gonna be fun to drive

  2. I dont get it why does it need to rev high if it comes with 8 speed auto transmission? It's not like CVT.

  3. ive always loved camrys especially v6 models. It's a shame they don't have a 2 door model anymore.

  4. Toyota might as well put quad exhausts on the Prius and come up with a nonsense excuse to justify it. They try too hard and it looks like a mess.

  5. And no one complains about the front shield, but always talk shit about Acura's. What the world nowadays

  6. I had the 2015 model (4-cylinder) – no complaints; large boot, good power, quiet on the road, ok fuel economy, excellent leg room, unoffensive to look at or be in, etc. Looking forward to the 2018 model, which arrives in my country in late 2017. If you are after a large family car, then Toyota Camry is the best value-for-money car in the world, bar none. You now add features like more power and torque, as well as sophisticated styling ques, improved fuel economy and features as-standard like GPS, then Toyota has just raised the bar. The Camry in my country will be sourced directly from Japan. I will be going with the V6 this time. The previous Camry with the old V6 did the 0-62 mph/0-100 kph time in just over 6.5 seconds. Expect the new Camry, with much more power and torque, to do it in around 6 seconds. That is outstanding for a family car, priced as it, fits three golf bags in the boot, travel with 5 people in, etc. Now add the new Lexus-inspired looks… What a package!

  7. I love the lack of apple CarPlay and the cheap rear seat headrests that are non adjustable for cost cutting, I see you Toyota

  8. Looks better than the last one and the interior looks nicer too. The grill on the lower trim looks horribly ugly. And why in the hell would toyota put quad exhausts on a CAMRY!! just stop toyota you are trying way too hard. If toyota wants to call it sporty, offer a manual transmission like the accord still does.

  9. The HATE for this car company is unbelievable.The thing is many people expected Toyota to bring out the same old dull Camry,but now they brought out a decent looking midsize sedan that has over 300hp & faster than their Some of their garbage they're upset.
    It'll sell & remain #1….Some cars will be beaten at the light by a Camry ?

  10. i already imagine a decade from now passes by & tons of the se xse models around, these are solid cars ?❤️

  11. Tail end and dashboard very nice. Front end not so much. That big gaping mouth on this and other makes (Lexus) is polarizing and would make me think twice despite all the strong points. If the front end looks bad, then it's a definite no.

  12. Besides the fact the front end looks like utter shit to me…
    0W-16 Oil? holy crap!! I wonder how long till we hit 0W-1?

  13. I noticed blue shirt guy too big for this Camry. What wrong with CR, I think CR need hire someone look fit or at least decent shape and easy get in and out the car. Sorry to say blue shirt guy look like Buffalo.

  14. the front end looks strange… and CR should do decibel ratings, cos us old baby boomer want quiet cars…

  15. It will no doubt, be competent and reliable, but still ugly. Less ugly but still ugly. Lipstick on a pig.

  16. Ravenol makes 0W-20 along with Eneos but more is to be available once the car is out.

  17. I really like this car, but should I buy one. I keep wondering when there will be level 4 or 5 self-driving vehicles at an affordable price. Will it be 3 years, 5 years or more???

  18. Not a fan of the quasi-Lexus front fascia, but I'm sure it will sell well if the current fish-front one did.

  19. I had been hearing about the Camry. But today, I heard about the new Accord. I like that the Camry has gotten a little bolder. But I must admit, I think in styling they overdid it. The Accord seems to have gotten the transition right. Hoping to see a head to head competition from you guys when a new Honda becomes available.

  20. The fat guy getting into the back seat at 1:27 explains why everyone is purchasing SUVs with large squared off door frames, especially cab companies and Uber drivers. Having one injured passenger with a bump on the head makes up for the price difference.

  21. I sat in both the '18 LE and SE just the other day. The interior is night & day over the '17. It feels like a 40K car for 25K. The seats are much better and they use higher grade materials inside the cabin. The exterior is terrific looking as well. I wouldn't buy the first 2 years though because they'll need a few years to smooth it out.

  22. This camry looks nice! But the one which I have 2014.5 LE model sucks to the core. Though it was my mistake on choosing this car since it was cheaper than a mid corolla and to be frank i was new to cars in general. I lost respect to camry as a brand. High road and wind noise. Everything is built cheap top to bottom. Every car engine makes some noise which is fine, but my car makes a horrible grinding noise. Toyota now might have waken up due to stiff competition from american manufacturers, Mazda and Honda. But I lost my money on buying this brand. It's resale value is also less now. The only good thing it's a safe car since you will be afraid to experiment or hard press the pedal since the car will not give you that confidence. The transmission is better than CVT but it doesn't work well.I am not sure how people made this a best selling car.

  23. Interesting to note that interior room goes down a bit, the trunk is smaller and even the glove box shrinks. The new architecture does improve driving dynamics but interior quality and engine noise suffer a bit. I also find the front to be garish and ugly

  24. Just bought the SE, it rocks!! my only (minor) complain is their phone gps connectivity, it only works with their propitiatory apps.

  25. Excellent review as always. The background music is so ~~~ smooth and soothing. Nice match for Camry. Can anyone tell me the name of this sound track, please?

  26. All new next 8 generation 2018 Toyota Camry LE 4 cylinder engine VV-T bilnd spot monitor Toyota safety sense & 10 Airbags & 5 passenger 4 doors midsize sedan & new Toyota Entune 3.0 touch screen

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