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4rx.com Review – 4Rx.com was established in 2005 and so far a quite dominant one. You will find a large variety of generic drugs ranging from erectiile dysfunctiion to hair and skin care. They also have antibiotics, antibacteria and antiviral medication as well. 4Rx’s feedbacks are quite impressive so far and it seems like they will do the outmost to gain more satisfied customers. The 4Rx.com website is fairly easy to use and it is available in both Spanish and English languages. The website also claims that they have an in house system to insure the quality of the drugs they sell. For any other questions or concerns, you can contact them at their 24/7 Toll Free number, 1-877-728-9479.

People often claim that good reviews written on sites are employees of that company and I wouldn’t put it past some places to do that; I don’t know. But at the same time has anyone ever considered that some of these bad reviews are coming from site owners of competing sites!? These site owners are competitors and are watching their competition like a hawk so don’t for a minute think that they don’t masquerade as customers on forums to trash their competition. After all just a few negative feedback comments about a company can have a bigger affect on a person’s willingness to buy then a bunch of good comments because doing nothing is safer, and no one likes to get scammed right!

As far as speed goes one of the people I know who used 4rx.com did tell me it took nearly two months to get their order, but instead of calling the company a scam site they simply called to talk to the manager and he told my freind it was because the particular item he purchased was not as common prescription medication (like generic Cialiis, aka Tadalafiil) and as such it had to come from another source which takes longer. In the end yes it did take a long time, but this person did get what they ordered at a drastically lower price and it did the job for him. Other’s I know who have used them have has quick deliveries, so it’s a bit hit or miss.

Ultimately whether you decide to purchase your generic meds from 4rx or not is up to you and all I can do is give you my own accounts and beliefs as to why I think most claims against 4rx are less then credible. I would say that if speed of delivery is imparitive to you then an alternative online pharmacy site such as xlpharmacy which still has very good prices (though not as good as 4rx) might be a better choice for you.

If speed of delivery isn’t critical and savings is then on this  4rx coupon  page I show you how to get a 20% 4rx discount which is above and beyond the already rediculously low prices they already offer.

If you have any concerns about transaction made at the sites recommended by Generic-pharmacy-stores.com then please read the privacy policy page found here.


By milis Jack

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