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5 Differences Between Console and PC – Rainbow Six Siege


Rainbow Six Siege can be played on a variety of different platforms, including PC, XBox One, and PS4 – but what are the differences between each? In this video I discuss some of the biggest changes you will find going from console to PC or vice versa.

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  1. guys what key do you press to spot an enemy, I've tried 1 and other numbers but nothing works. I see the hud but, its not clear…

  2. I play PS4 and pc R6 and there isn't a big difference yes pc is more difficult but not by a lot it's the fact your on Xbox one where all the noobs go and play games so everyone's bad at it

  3. you forgot that on PC, I can get the game cheaper and I don't have to let Microsoft steal my money if I want to keep playing the games I own

  4. Tbh in my experencie on console i play ranked vs at least 1 or 2 players with mouse and keyboard and 9/10 you lose of them because they can turn faster and aim better and spam the lean button left and right and drop shot easy af. And with a ps4 controller its preaty hard vs them.

  5. It's all preference dumbass. Make a video about how much harder it is to get to a high rank on console than pc

  6. yo against who are you playing? The people you're shooting at are like bots, they can't be real people, they're your friends and it's scripted.

  7. Aim, graphic, speed, frame rate, community…..wait both are toxic. Still love the game to death.

  8. There is no difference, it’s the same game, but seriously the console vs PC war is cancer here, just play the damn game, they’re both difficult in different ways, and I assure you a PC exclusive player would struggle on console, and a Console exclusive player would struggle on PC

  9. u should aslo mention how on console when your holding barbed wire and u let go of the key to hold out barbed wire u place it down but on pc its diffrent and u can stop it so if you are holding barbed wire and a guy comes around the corner u panik and let go of the key to hold out barbed wire cuz thats reflexes and then what happens is U DIE so ya (also im not 100% if this is correct if i am wrong correct me :])

  10. Controller is harder to use but it is not an excuse for console players. Shooters are way more enjoyable on PC compared to console. I used to be a console player but now I look back and I feel bad for those players who love games but never got to play with mouse and keyboard

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