Home Game Review 5 ESSENTIAL Console Mods – Skyrim Special Edition (Xbox One/PC)

5 ESSENTIAL Console Mods – Skyrim Special Edition (Xbox One/PC)


5 essential console mods for skyrim special edition that will be in the game on release for Xbox 1 that you should definitely download!

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch –
Changelog – http://afkmods.iguanadons.net/Unofficial%20Skyrim%20Special%20Edition%20Patch%20Version%20History.html

Marco’s Integrated Leveled Lists – https://mods.bethesda.net/#en/workshop/skyrim/mod-detail/2906172

Open Cities Skyrim –

Unique Taverns Skyrim – https://mods.bethesda.net/#en/workshop/skyrim/mod-detail/2944028

Campfire: Complete Camping System –

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  1. I looked online at bethesda.net and xbox has around 51 mods and ps4 has zero I really do feel sorry for ps4 too like they got the green light for mods but still no mods

  2. I wonder if Jarls sitting up straight will be added in the game, how they sit in the vanilla game must be killing there backs, even more of that one in Markath who sits on a stone chair..well more like hanging in it but still.

  3. someone NEEDS to make a mod to prevent enemies from auto killing you during hand to hand combat

  4. Hey LunarGaming seems no as though mods are coming out for the consoles and they are new to us do you think it would be possible that you could go over the risks of useing a mod on skyrim and if we wanted to delete a mod what would we have to do to safely delete a mod? For example I know there's a Conan the barbarian mod from one of your previous videos, however with only 5 gis of storage eventually that might get filled up and looking at the mods that I'd want to install I'm already at about 1-1.5 gigs worth of mods. So if I wanted to delete a larger mod that brings in content like the Conan Barbarian mod what would that process be like and what would the risks be of me doing that? Thanks a tone and I love the videos!

  5. Hi there! Good job on your videos, love watching them.

    Curious question about the Open City Mod – Do you happen to know if its confirmed that this Mod can cause any quest related bugs? For example if you have to follow somebody into White Run – Do they dissapear and respawn in the town seeing as theres no loading screen.
    Or does there happen to be any quests that cannt be triggered after entering a city?
    Thanks in advance =)

    -Also im suprised to not see FrostFall on this video, ive heard alot of good from that mod.

  6. @LunarGaming will mods like frostfall likely be available and in the correct format? I think these would go great together.

  7. Can anyone tell me if there is a mod that allows you to place multiple points of interest markers on the world map for XBONE? Perhaps label the points as well? If not, is it possible for someone in the modding community to make this one?

  8. Ok, it SAYS PC but on the site is says PS 4 as the platform. Am I a total idiot and missing something here?


    I can't play the companions questline because Aela is gone.

    I can't play dawnguard because Isran is out of the map and I can not get to him.

  10. Open cities conflicts with alot of other awesome mods, it's also a bit of a bitch to uninstall. As cool as it is, I don't recommend it if you're using alot of mods

  11. I was playing on PS4 since release, but I decided to jump to Xbox for this game and I'm glad I did because the mod potential opens up so much more.

  12. I have 3 problems with the unofficial patch, they are the fact that the patch makes the doors in the vampire castle have a glowing orange door in the open position, as well as the display cases have a glowing blue case in the open position, and again it's caused by the patch mod

  13. do you have to start a brand new game files enable for most of the mods to work properly and to avoid any game glitches too?

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