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5 Tips For Booking At The Right Time


When is the best time you should buy a cruise? There are a number of factors that are to be considered – from the time of year you travel to the region you are sailing – before taking out your credit card. Here are some tips that will help you in getting the best rate.

Book Early

Many cruise lines open their reservations on their sails 1 or two years before their departure, which means you have the chance to book your cruise in advance. If you know exactly where and when you want to travel then it is the best choice as it gives you a lot of options on everything from itineraries to date to different cabin categories. You will get the early bird prices, which can be pretty less as compared to the listed prices. And by booking early, you can avoid restrictions that cruise lines may endorse close to the sailing time.

Recognize That Different Regions Have Different Lead Times

Another important that you must consider is that different remote destinations have a limited cruising time – for example like Alaska, where ships do not sail in winter season – so they tend to fill up early. A normal rule for cruise lines is – the farther the destinations is the further you should book it as more planning and preparation is required from booking a flight to hotel reservation.

Use Flexibility To Your Advantage

If you are not stuck with a fix date and you can afford to be flexible, this can mean huge savings for you. Sometimes booking a cruise a week prior to your travel can get you a decent discount or a promotional fare. Being flexible when cruising is the best way to save money and catch a great deal. Here it is advised to keep checking the dates before and after you want to travel.

Think Way Ahead If Traveling With A Group

For huge groups, it makes sense that you book your cruise two years prior, if the cruise line will allow it. But bear in mind the same thing does not go for flights you can reserve them only 330 days ahead, and the departure ports are confirmed only 18 months before sailing. Booking early for large groups can also confirm that the ship dining rooms can also accommodate them.

Book Last-Minute To Get A Deal

If the price is an important factor for you, arranging a booking 45 to 90 days before sailing can get you deeply discounted fares. Cruise lines will be looking to fill in empty cabins once the early bookers have paid their full fares and they have an idea as to how many cabins have been left. Nonetheless, even these fares are not as low as the initial early booking price.

By Hammad H Sheikh

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