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6 month owners Review of my Hybrid Hyundai Ioniq


I have owned the Hyundai ioniq SEL HYBRID since sept 2017. I bought it because it was 4000 dollars less and had more standard features. I do haul 10 foot boards and pipe for home projects.

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  1. Got the Hyundai hybrid Premium SE model recently. (2018 -UK) Loving it. Easily the best car I have ever had. Early days but averaging 62 mpg although I did have it in the sport mode a few times which makes it feel a different car again. Have to get used to a silent car on start up. Looks stunning in the platinum silver finish and much better looking than the Prius. Dual clutch automatic super smooth.

  2. Jesus mate. How about scripting what you want to say? Read it through and make it informative, you told me almost nothing here.

  3. The hyundai ioniq is the worst car ever I've owned one and just in 30k the transmission fall
    Prius is better at least the transmission won't fall

  4. Thanks for Video. I was wondering, if the lack of rear wind shield wipers pose any problems while driving specially during winter.

  5. ive got mine now for 8 months. had some problems with sensors and computers but all fixed through the warrenty. that was really irritating. for the rest im happy and love the car. i like the driving in the car. power enough to drive 200 km/h easily, some mercs looked quite suprised. in the corners and bumps really good, gasmileage better than nearly every diesel, comfort and storage like a big car. drove it now for 30000km and hope to drive it for another 300k km in the future. dont want another car as a daily driver. do you not have lanekeep assist? havent seen the button. btw also saved me an accident with the emergency brake assist. greetings from the netherlands

  6. Really missing the rear window washer! why they gave up on it?? also rear field of view is really lacking!

  7. So which one would you rather have the Ioniq or the Prius? I'm debating right now so your response will help. I currently have a Prius.

  8. Here in Mexico the base equipment Ioniq costs about $1500 usd more than the base equipment Prius, both with cloth seats. Considering your experience in owning both hybrids, which do you think is a better buy?

  9. I'm not sure which I want to get. Ioniq, prius, or insight. They all have great features in their own way.

  10. My best mpg has been 64.5, this a very good car for Uber/Lyft work. I've been using the "blue" basic hybrid model for four months and I love it. It's keeping my gas expenses to a bare minimum. It beats a Prius on many points. Better warranty, lifetime lithium battery warranty, better mpg, larger cargo space. Also jump starting this car is as easy as pie, just flick a switch on the dash. Huh? Yup!

  11. MPG seems disappointing … criminy … I could probably get 35MPG in a 2019 Civic SI … with tons more performance …

  12. With all due respect my friend, when the video headline says "6 month owners review", I expect you to share your experience during those 6 months – how the vehicle performed, did it held up to its fuel efficiency standards in real world over this extended time period (6 months), does it have a flaw that one would not notice while buying a car but irritated you the most….
    Stuff like this you know….
    Not just a 16 minute long description of features and buttons…. we can get that info by googling car features or watching other shorter comparison/review videos

  13. I have a base model 2016 Hyundai ioniq hybrid auto, I get 78-88 average mpg, uk gallon, I love it, it has 30,000 miles on the clock, cheers Hyundai

  14. Thanks for advise 1.5 is better than normal speed! And dude next time hybrid you speed speech!

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