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6 Protection Sensors to Clean up on Your Car This Wintertime | Consumer Studies


Wintertime driving can make your auto filthy with filth, salt, snow, and ice. These are the six sensors you want to maintain clean to make certain your vehicle’s security capabilities run appropriately.

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  1. Great reminder but it pained me to see you rubbing dirt/grime into paint and your windshield. Spray the areas with a mild window cleaner first so you don't scratch camera lenses or cosmetic parts!

  2. Rubbing mud on the paint with a terry towel to remove Yay! Scratches. Telling people to take to a car wash would've sufficed. Duh

  3. Back up camera and cross traffic alert are very helpful. Blind spot monitoring is nice feature, but with properly adjusted mirrors and alert driving, less necessary. Based on this video, I am uncertain where the sensors for blind spot monitoring are located.

  4. Sorry all i need to keep clean on my 84 Volvo is the glass, all the sensors i need . that and the mirrors of course . never fails me.

  5. Do these systems detect when they're blocked, or if you car is covered in snow, are you just set up for a world of false positives?

  6. i drive a striahgt truck thats 10 times the weight and 3 times the lenght of your small ass car non of this shit needed pussy ass drivers these days

  7. OMG…that person was rubbing dry mud on the paint like that. That made me cringe. Plus this video sucked balls.

  8. terrible video. all the other sensors are driver aids. keep the windows clear. this allows the driver to use their sensors. nothing else actually matters. by the time you've cleaned each of these spots you're better off cleaning the entire car…unless you like driving a dalmatian.

  9. I cringed when he used the towel to wipe dirt off the paint. That's a good way to scuff the paint.

  10. I thought Nissans had washers on their backup cameras. Guess it's not across the range or something.

    At least VW hides them behind the badge so they don't get nasty and useless after driving. Downside is, when that shit breaks, the complexity is gonna cost.

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