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A Game of Thrones Book Review


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  1. The TV show is faithfull up untill season 5, then it starts to break loose alot from the books.

  2. I started reading the books as I prefer books to movie/tv adaptations and I'm nearly at the end of book 1 and I have heard as the books go further the tv show is drastically different, things in season five completely don't exist in books. I'm going to continue reading and once all books are out and I've read them all I'll watch the tv show as I want George RR Martin's ending first not the tv shows ending.

  3. I'm hesitant to take the plunge into this universe whether it's on tv or reading the books. As far as the book goes, the lack of epic language kinda sucks cause I love epic or otherwise non-colloquial language (lack of elves also sucks). That being said though I probably will end up reading it eventually but I just don't know when

  4. What's wrong with "He could not pretend surprise?" Should he have said. "If he had acted surprised it would have come off as insincere?" What would you have used in place of it? "He wasn't surprised" doesn't have the same meaning. I definitely don't think Martin was using it as "possessed." I'm familiar with the action he's speaking of…we do it a lot in the South, especially when we open a gift box at Christmas that we already know the contents of…we "pretend to be surprised." If someone knows we know what's in the box, we cannot pretend to be surprised. All the modernist say "to bes" and "-eds" are junk words nowadays. P.S. The TV series was only faithful for the first season, it's way divergent from it now.

  5. I tried to read the books before I started watching the series. That was the first and only time I had to put a book down because I hated it. Not that I was bored, or didn't like the writing, it simply made me angry. I probably couldn't take the violence, especially the scene where Daenerys is raped the night of her wedding. It made me so sick I couldn't open the book again after that.
    But then my friends harassed me to watch the series, which I did, and I got hooked. Like you said, the series is pretty faithful to the books, so not sure why I hated the book so much!

  6. That's one thing I really dislike about LOTR. The writing was so awkward, and it gave it this weird pacing, and it just didn't feel very organic. I love LOTR, the writing just annoyed me at times.

  7. You probably could compare the G.O.T. Books and TV show to the Walking Dead Comics and TV show. For example, some characters have different traits or characteristics that aren't similar to each other. Also, certain people die in the books while they may be alive in the show, and vice versa.

  8. best review ive ever witnessed… i like this guy. i give you 5 stars. (bet you never heard that one!!)

  9. Not sure if you've watch all the show yet but I highly recommend reading the rest of the books. Book 2 and season 2 are fairly similar but the book is far more in depth. Book 3 is far different from the show (and is widely regarded as the best book of the series). and Book 4 onward is almost entirely different from the show.

  10. In my opinion, there indeed was an ending. He kind of finished every character's story in a way. Well, the only thing left unfinished were the Battles for the Kingdom and Robb getting proclaimed King. Every character is neatly wrapped up near the end of the book, and the climax where Dany gets rid of everything and gets her dragons hatched is just an amazing ending that doesn't really make you drool for more, but just put down the book and think about it for a while, for a long while. I absolutely loved the book, and am currently reading the second one, which, so far, is as great as the first one.

  11. 1st season is faithfull but after that it starts to move the other way…5th is not even close to the show so you should probably read it

  12. yes, is faithful until season 5, then everything is different because the 6 book is not out yet, but some of the story in the book does not go to the series, so you should continue reading it, or probably skip to the 3 or 4th book to read what happens next

  13. After Season 1, the show deviates considerably from the books. Some story lines remain the same, but many are completely diffrent. Read the rest of the books man, and I PROMISE you will not regret it. IF you loved Book 1 that much, Book 2 is better, 3 is PERFECTION (my favorite single novel of all time), Book 4 is by far the weakest entry, and 5 is Solid,

  14. The first season is the most faithful. the last few seasons have a lot of differences from the books. The show is great but the books are far superior.

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