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A Ghost Story – Movie Review



Chris Stuckmann reviews A Ghost Story, starring Casey Affleck, Rooney Mara. Directed by David Lowery.

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  1. "one of the saddest films ive ever seen in my life" someone hasnt seen Dear Zachary…

  2. I usually agree with Chris, but I just didn’t like this movie. I feel like this would have been a great 10 minute film at a festival, but it’s 90 minutes, and the extra 80 minutes felt pretty fucking useless.

  3. Just don't try to watch this movie after a long day. Be awake and maybe drink some coffee too and get READY, Ready for almost NOTHING to happen. Yeah, I got the point. I thought this more was CREEPY, and yes, it was sad but mostly CREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPY. That sheet flowing along so elegantly on the ground and those blank eyes. What got me though was those LOOOOOOONG shots where the ghost is just STANDING THERE or maybe he MOVED and he is right in the room with people. Finding a female ghost next door was really interesting and later they tore the house down and I guess the girl ghost was freed. Anyway, CREEPY movie. Sure, it's about LOVE but it is also about our EXISTENCE. It is so DEPRESSING!!!!!

  4. Okay…This movie gave me so much anxiety that I had to keep fast forwarding through it.  After reading your review, I went back to look at a couple of the parts I had breezed through and I still don't get it.  I agree that you get the feeling of the deep sadness of the ghost.  So, I  have to give props for how that was accomplished.  However, for me, that did not redeem the movie overall.  BTW…that guy at the party…leave him off the guest list next time.

  5. I love that Mara still refuses to say what she wrote on the note. I like to think she told her husband she loves him… but something tells me she said I’m not coming back.

  6. I loved this movie, but I hated the scene with the hipsters talking about pretentious nonsense.

  7. All I see in this comment section is comments complaining about comments asking Chris to review The Emoji Movie, and no sign of said comments.

    It's three years later, who cares, why am I posting this?

  8. This was a beautiful movie and I enjoyed it. However, I watched it while going through something and it was only moving me more towards suicide. Although I enjoyed it, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone suicidal. It’s a mixed bag of tricks

  9. This movie came out when I was recovering from my fathers death and even the trailer made me emotional…

  10. I havent watched this video yet but heres what I believe the movie is about. So when he sees himself and his girlfriend again, Its the cyclical, osculating universe. Even though the universe will have to go through trillions of iterations to eventually see you, as yourself reborn, it will and has to happen. Given enough time. the dude at the party says, The universe eventually experiences heat death, the atoms are torn apart by the expanding universe, an unimaginable amount of time in the future. This however contradicts the actually events. Just google it, based on modern day physics, if heat death occurs, their cannot be more big bangs, atleast not based on conventional theoretical physics. THE OSCILLATING UNIVERSE THOERY, on the other hand, is what is depicted in this movie. The expansion slows then reverses, all matter collapses into a tiny, infinitely compressed ball of energy, then BOOM. Universe is born again. Then all events from the beginning to the end occur again, every gene, every atom, EVERYTHING happens all over again. So on and so on, ad infinitum. Ofcourse however, their are tons of other theories like the simulation hypothesis and others that would oppose the oscillating universe theory.

  11. I thought the scene where the guy at the party was talking about time and the universe was not to downplay the audience. I took it as he was informing the ghost that he can wait for the end of the universe to restart again to read the note and end his journey.

  12. The reason no one knows there is a meaning and FEELS that there has to be, are correct. The only reason we look for the answer so often is because there was once a meaning. "They" have held it back from us.

    I mean common, do you really think we are meant to just make billionaires and monopolies richer while we barely scrape by ….pay Bill's and die??


  13. ok, but this had better not be a "watching the world without me and realising how necessary I actually was. My wife can't cope or raise children without me. I never knew how people actually were inside" It's a wonderful life/A Christmas Carol, sort of thing!

  14. I tried really hard to get into this movie. I ended up skipping my way through it. It was good overall, but I honestly just feel like some scenes are just too long. It probably could have just been half the time. Too many scenes that just drooooooooooone on, with only one thing happening (unless I missed something).
    I love A24, and I’m an avid movie-goer, I just don’t think my brain can handle the stiffness of this movie. I’m glad you all liked it though! Cheers everyone. Can’t wait for St. Maude and many future A24 films!

    And not that any of you care, I just think it’s funny, first movie I took my girlfriend to see was “Swiss Army Man” Hahahah.

  15. That one scene definitely took me out of the film. Felt like a theater kid's monologue.

  16. Watched it by myself. Felt like I was trapped in a visual melody, meloncholy, surreal but relatable at the same time.

  17. This movie was a piece of sheet pun intended literally nothing happened and your telling me nobody sees a fucking sheet ghost explain that to me

  18. Why does this film affect me so deeply….grief is real and this film captures grief in a strikingly realistic way. Profoundly deeply affecting to me personally

  19. I'm sure there are a plethora of clues scattered throughout the whole movie. I already found one. It'd the Nietzsche book on the shelf. Obviously, one of the themes in this film is about some kind of rebirth (eternal recurrence).

  20. I also now just seen the part where the loquacious dude is talking about Beethoven's 9th symphony, the future of humanity, the Earth and the universe. Another clue because according to the big crunch model, there could be many new universes that will occur indefinitely into the future.

  21. And the skyscraper is perhaps a symbolism for the many repeated realities. Each floor might be roughly the same with a few subtle differences.

  22. The stars, the notes M leaves, the fact that life is fleeting all suggests that we are all ghosts in the grand scope of reality. Damn. I love these A24 thought-provoking films. The writer and director are cinematic geniuses touching on the deepest philosophical existential issues. This is such a beautiful film from the cinematography to the screenplay.

  23. I was energized by this film as well. In fact, astronomy can make a person feel crestfallen and make a person feel like there's no meaning to life but in reality, astronomy actually excites and thrills me. It's awesome that we are lilliputians on a tiny speck of dust in this virtually infinite universe and yet we can figure it all out through the use of inquiry and empiricism. This is why I've always loved science and astronomy in particular. We don't have a purpose from a cosmic perspective but the purpose to keep living should be to discover yourself and to figure out what makes you wanting to live to see tomorrow. A job can do that. Your purpose to life is what you give it. It's not written in the sky. You are the author of your own life, so to speak. My rating of A Ghost Story: A+.

  24. I know this is beyond cheesy but… everyone should watch this movie. I mean holy shit. This film made me re-evaluate my view on life and love and time, and how all 3 of those intersect…

  25. The most boring and empty movie I have EVER seen lol wtf are you talking about? And all the people who liked this 'arty' fart of a movie.

  26. Amazing, amazing movie if you havnt seen it yet do so and thank me later. If
    you like movies that are about life and death without gore you will most
    likely appreciate this incredibly done movie.

  27. That scene you are talking about that you don't like I think is the best scene in the movie. It is very deep.

  28. I ignored this for a while because the description sounded cheesy but…I'm glad I saw it becuase..yeah…

  29. Just a warning for you guys: Netflix DONT SHOW THE SUBTITLES when the two ghosts speak with each other. I saw the movie and just found it out later that there was a dialogue in that scene. I am from Brazil, so maybe it’s a regional problem with the subtitles.

  30. So I generally love A24 films and I love stories that are slow and can take their time with certain elements. That being said, this movie felt extremely pretentious. And I don’t mean pretentious in the way of “oh it’s acting high and mighty and snooty.” I mean pretentious in its actual definition of “pretending to have more talent, value, or importance than is actually possessed.” It explored some of the most shallow concepts in some of the most shallow ways and I was really really excited for this movie. But when I watched it I found myself more bored than anything else.

    Like am I missing something? And I mean that genuinely, what would I be missing while watching this. Because after I watched it with a friend, I genuinely attempted to defend it, not because I felt a genuine connection to it but because so many critics found it to be this absolutely incredible movie.

    And truth be told, I probably wouldn’t have disliked it as much as I did if I actually connected with the characters in some way. But I just could not. There was no reason to do so. Generally, I can tolerate slow, quiet films but there’s gotta be something there worth checking out but this did not have that.

    It’s been a while since I’ve seen the movie but it legitimately confuses me how this movie gets so much praise when it feels like so much nothing. There’s certain scenes that feel like a teenager wrote them after discovering what nihilism is and the shots linger on emotionless, tensionless, quiet scenes for longer than they really have to. I can appreciate a movie taking risks and doing something different, but this really just felt like a big pile of nothing wrapped in a pretty bow.

  31. This movie made me cry. At least for a little bit. I fucking loved it! Not a lot of movies make me tear up.

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