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A Lost Review – Season 6 Episode 12 – "Everybody Loves Hugo"


Things are getting crazy and I like it! Good to see Michael and Libby again especially in their relevant contexts. It was nice to finally get an answer about the whispers, but I wonder if I'm alone in my feeling that my speculation was more satisfying than the reveal. Do not get me wrong, I'm very appreciative to know that the whispers are the souls of people trapped on the Island as a result of the wrongs that they did during their lives, but it's something of an anti-climax. I am thoroughly enjoying the season, but as these lingering questions continue to be answered over the remaining episodes, I wonder if I will feel excitement, frustration or ambivalence about them. For now, I'm enjoying the ride.

It was very exciting to see Libby again! It was especially interesting since it was sideways Libby and she was "crazy" which was somehow causing her to "remember" her Island existence. I was also very glad to see both Island and sideways Desmond working to fulfill their destinies although I am a little worried about the nasty fall that Island Desmond took down the well. As far as sideways Desmond goes, great to see him seeking out the Oceanic passengers to help them connect with their Island consciousnesses. The gentle nudge that he brave Hurley paid huge divorces. My wife and I were both pretty overcome with emotion when Hurley saw flashes of his other life after his kiss with Libby. What an awesome awakening! But now what? When sideways Desmond completes his mission, will the timelines merge? Will characters have to choose which world they want. Can both worlds continue to exist in a parallel fashion?

I am really looking forward to seeing what is next for sideways Locke. During that final sideways scene, a lot of thoughts were going through my head. Here's a summary:

Is sideways Desmond planning to talk to sideways Locke?
What would be the point since Island Locke is dead!
Who would sideways Locke have to talk to in order to have flashes?
Charlie and Desmond both experienced Island flashes during near death experiences.
Desmond is going to have to run over Locke!
Desmond is about to run over Locke!
Desmond just ran over Locke!

Since sideways Locke appears to still be alive, I'm thinking that we will see him experience Island flashes next week. But what will that mean for the Smoke Monster who is the "substitute" Locke on the Island? Will this somehow restore Island Locke's consciousness to the Smoke Monster's manifestation of Locke?

I was gobsmacked by Ilana's sudden and violent death. In the back of my mind, I was expecting it since she was really handling that dynamite too rough, but I was still shocked when it happened. Good thing that will not happen to anyone else now that Hurley destroyed the Black Rock . But will we ever get any more of Ilana's backstory? Is it even important? There were several shots of Hurley's shifty eyes during the episode. I wonder if he has a plan or if he's under the influence of other forces. He just delivered the remaining candidates and an airline pilot to Locke. I hope he knows what he's doing!

Alpert, Ben and Miles went off together to destroy the plane, this time with Dharma hand grenades. I do not think they'll be successful. They mentioned taking an outrigger. Will we finally see the other side of the outrigger shootout that we saw in "The Little Prince" last season? And as much as I hated the "Sun has aphasia" device from "The Package," I was glad that we did not have to see her writing a lot of notes to Jack this week. I also felt a sympathy for her when she scanned the people in Locke's camp and saw that Jin was not among them. Will they finally be reunited next week? I think that next week they will finally see each other for the first time since "There's No Place Like Home" in Season 4.

By Wes Raine

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