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ABARAT, the Wicked Wonderland


In these recent days, so many novels or books which story are about magic and sorcery has flooding the market. Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, Bartimaeus Trilogy or The Books of Lost Things, just name it. Some of them have become best seller. Another book that similar with those is ABARAT. This book is as interesting as the other, but in fact, there are so few people who notice this work of literature. This book is written by Clive Barker, a man who is famous as movie director and producer. The legendary horror movie "The Illusionist" is one of his works. However, it is not well-known that he is also a good writer and painter.

This 409 pages book told a story about a girl, Candy Quackenbush, who is not satisfy with her life in the small town of Chickentown, where everyday's conversation is all about chicken and nothing else. One day, she experiences strange event that make her able to cast away from her small town and goes to the other world called ABARAT. In this extraordinary place, she meets so many wicked creature and strange people. Wandering from island to island, not only making friends with the natives, she also experiences certain events which bring her to the grave danger. This because a man named Cristopher Carrion Hunts her without she knows the reason behind it. Time to time, everything is starts to reveal and the truth about her is began to unmasked.

When reading this novel, we will realize that this story is dominated by gloomy atmosphere and many strange depictions. People will also see so many pictures in this novel because the writer put all his paintings that specially made for this story. So, do not be shocked if you see many strange pictures about such creature or places in ABARAT.

By Tomy Yosafat

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