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Acsension Board Game Review


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  1. Nice review, looks neat, but perhaps a bit too random. I like the idea of playing with 10 face up cards in order to increase the level of strategy.

  2. Artwork needs more attention!? Man I think the artwork is awesome and beats Dominion. How does it need more attention? Repetitive art or what?

  3. Like the Chickens in Zelda? Does that mean if I wack the hobo enough I will be attacked by a flying mob of hobos?

  4. I wouldn't call the Cultist a hobo, call him a christian instead, its much more accurate

  5. This is a really nice game. I love the Solitaire option. (Yes, it's a little easier then MTG & Dominion) YES! the artwork needs major Improvement.
    It's the ease of playability. I taught this game to my girlfriend. She's played Dominion and since she was familiar with Dominion, she caught on very fast. She likes easy games.
    Having an in house player is always a plus!!
    Yes, she cringes sometimes when I ask her to play my games.
    I like this game a lot. Game of Thrones was cool but hard for me.

  6. 2:06 "…simply waste enough runes and buy that card."

    Not a fan of hero cards?

    I REALLY want to check this game out, I just don't want to spend $40 for a game that I won't be able to play with anyone… :/

  7. @Grafeit This game is worth the price, im planning in buying it, but if you can find someone then diff buy it!!

  8. I don't agree at all when you say it's mostly about luck and very little to do with strategy. If it was based on luck, then there'd be a seemingly fair share of wins for everybody that properly knows the rules and somewhat knows what sort of cards to expect in the deck in a group that plays it several times in a row, and I have never seen that happen. Ever.

  9. Just played this game today for the first time and I WILL be picking up a copy asap. It has a fantastic balance of easy playability and complex game play that anyone could play it and learn. You you get the rules down in under 10 mins and every game is different. If you like magic the gathering, find someone that has a copy of this and give it a shot, you won't be disappointed.

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