Home Book Review Activity of Thrones “The Little ones” Evaluation – AxeyFabulous Episode ten

Activity of Thrones “The Little ones” Evaluation – AxeyFabulous Episode ten


In this episode of AxeyFabulous, Kenny critiques the period four finale of Activity of Thrones titled “The Little ones.” But this time he made the decision to give us a style of what it’s like for book viewers and unsullied to watch the very same episode…

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  1. Personally i don't care about spoilers. Sometimes i even enjoy an episode being spoiled before i watch it.

  2. …concerning the Stoneheart issue…for those bookies who have spoiled things for us TV viewers. A little taste of how we feel.;-)

  3. So this episode was pretty mutch axey reenacting(?) the tweets he reviewed! I liked it! It was funny! XD

  4. Very good video, i am mostly a show watcher, but I have about some the the book readers issues and its fun that the show is no-w keeping both groups on their toes.

  5. I liked the way he sounded like a chicken when he was groaning. As someone who has not read the books, I enjoy the show blissfully unaware of anything missing, and I like it like that.

  6. I'm usually not a fan of the "F" bomb-…. however- 4:134:23 Priceless! ROTFLMAO.
    (BTW,Thanks for the early language warning, Sometimes I have small children nearby when I watch these)

  7. I adore your videos….and if you have a lady "friend"…..please, give her a big hug from me as she probably needs it 😀

  8. Wow this has to be your best review ever very well done

    And as for lady stoneheart still could pop up.
    Need Briene to continue search and her to hear about Frey's dying and whispers it is lady stonehearts doing.
    Briene then thinks just rumors till tada she meets the lady.
    As for the comments by catylin's actress that no stoneheart.
    Read what she really says.
    She says cat dead and cat is dead.
    Died at red wedding lady stoneheart is no longer cat she is totally different vengeful undead thing.
    Think she is throwing out red herring to make stonehearts appearance shocking

  9. Love this review!  I see the Axey humor I've grown to love so much really shine through in this.  And THANKS for the warning on the wording, because I let my daughter watch reviews of GoT, but not the actual show, so it's nice to know what's in a review ahead of time.  When you're the loud book fan I am totally seeing ANGRYGOTFAN's ALL CAPS ANGER/  It's hilarious 🙂  Great job Axey!  WIll you do some True Blood reviews for the end of GoT cool down??

  10. You need to do those viewer reaction characters for every GOT review that was your best by far!

  11. Realized we hadn't shared the latest AxeyFabulous video!! It's Kenny's best one as he shows us how unsullied vs book readers enjoyed the season finale (it's hilarious!)

  12. This review clearly confirms my personal preference that its always better to read the book AFTER watching a film adaptation.  I have rarely if ever hear anyone getting more total overall enjoyment from watching a film adaptation of a book after having read the book. Usually, the film adaptations are much less detailed then the book, and skips over many things.  What happens is book readers get pissed at the film adaptation and enjoys it less or not at all. Occasionally with well made film adaptations, book reader might like SOME parts more but there are always parts they like LESS than the book.  So the total happiness/enjoyment from a book & film experience when you read the book first is never maximized.   However, if you read the book after a film experience, if you enjoyed the film, usually you will love the book as it lets you delve into the story in much more details, life is also in real time, so having watched the film first you also get the feelings and surprises real time.   So reading the book after the film maximizes one's overall happiness/enjoyment.

  13. this is the most accurate depiction EVER of the difference between show watchers' opinions & book readers' opinions & i was howling, loved EVERY second of this!!
    (in case you're wondering, i watch the show then read the books after seeing the show, so i know how insanely accurate this really, really is)
    again, loved it!

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