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Actual Owner’s 2012 Nissan Leaf Overview


At last, a actual-world evaluate of the 2012 Nissan Leaf by house owners
Bob & Karen. Most all your thoughts will be answered about Leaf possession
in this video. Intro /Outro New music licensed from Bryant-Hames music and Elite Video clip.


  1. I'm doing research and am considering getting a used 2012 Leaf. How has it held up? Any battery concerns?

  2. thanks i was about to buy 1 today but when you said the car connects to Nissan well the can keep it

  3. Hey Bob,
    I leased a 2013 Leaf after seeing your video three years ago. I have since bought the same one. I love it! I have 33000 miles one it and it's going strong. No loss of battery. Do you still have yours and if you do, how about making a new video on driving your Leaf for 4 + years?

  4. Your wall outlet should at least be 20A. You have a 15A outlet there 16:10. Nissan says you're not suppose to use that charger on a daily basis… probably because of a fire danger. But if you use use it I would upgrade to a 20A circuit or 220V…and please use a metal outlet box and a metal faceplate, preferably protrude 1 feet away from that wood frame there + maybe a wireless smoke alarm too. It appears you have a plastic boxed based on that wobble. You got lots of cool stuff garaged worth protecting.

  5. That high ridge from left to right at the front end of the trunk is not chargers, it's battery related though. Because the battery cells are so heavy, it keeps the body right left-to-right and prevents the battery from collapsing the floor of the passenger compartment. This is also why the front pillars, on either side of the windshield, are so massive — if the car rolls over, they keep the heavy battery from crushing the passengers. Very safe but a little hard to see around. The heating system uses the same heat pump as the cooling system,which is quite efficient down to outside air temperature of 32F. Below freezing, resistance heating, like a toaster's coils, feed heat into the A/C system at (as you note) a significant cost in range. I have a 2012 SL also and it doesn't't have rear-seat heaters, and I suspect yours does not either. The velour seat covering is pretty comfortable even when the car starts off cold, though.

  6. We have the Ford Focus, more is available on screen and charging is easier without the funky door over the Charger port and you can set it up to automatically charge now always , and it is a rocket the acceleration is to much for the front wheel drive and tends to power steer unless both hand a firmly on the wheel. We live just outside of a major city which we enter often and even retired and driving all day we can't approach zero miles, we would be too exhausted and saddle sore. Don't hesitate get electric now, park your gas guzzler for those once or twice a year trips or get rid of it and rent a car for trips- many $ saved.

  7. Great video. Question… Did the DC fast charging port come standard on your vehicle or was it an upgrade you paid for? In your video, you mentioned that you don't use it and opt for conventional charging which takes longer.

    Thanks !

  8. Awesome video! I recently took purchase of a used 2014 Leaf with only about 24,100 miles on it. I believe it was quite the bargain considering the dealer here in Medford, Oregon sold it to me for $7,000!

  9. So far after about 25,300 miles I am not noticing much if any battery degradation on my used 2014 Nissan Leaf.

  10. A very informative and well produced video review. This is better than reviews by a lot of so called experts , because you include your actual real world use. I'll check YouTube for any updates to see how your battery held up over the years.
    Thank you ?

  11. Adorable couple……intelligent and grounded. Love the car, only ever ridden in one but they're still at least $22k used here in Australia. Outlander PHEV and Prius will have to do for now.

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