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Acura TSX Review | Consumer Reports


The TSX is a pleasant and mildly sporty sedan. Its smooth revving engine, slick transmission, and agile handling make it enjoyable to drive. However, vague steering ultimately limits the car’s sporting appeal. Learn more about the Acura TSX on our website: http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/cars/new-cars/index.htm?EXTKEY=I93YT01&CMP=OTC-YUTBE

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  1. the word automotive engineer means nothing to me.. i am a mechanical engineer and i used to work at honda and also at michelin.. whats his background? mechanical? electrical? please dont tell me software….

  2. Hmm the way he sits on and scratches the bumper leads me to think he is better suited reviewing minivans and camrys. Any car guy would give a little respect to a new car, especially one that didn't belong to him. There is absolutely NOTHING that competes with this car as its in a class of its own. No, its not a v6 rwd. If you want that go buy a BMW and have a intimate relationship with the repair shop. If you want a bulletproof, fuel-efficient, winter-capable sporty sedan then this is a winner.

  3. I hate this guy's reviews. He can't just give a compliment, he always emphasizes some tiny flaw in something right after giving a passive, underwhelming praise. Plus, he's creepy.

  4. i have a 2011 4cyl tsx i went to honda to test drive the 2011 accord last year before buying this one, and what this moron said is absolutely false! the accord has softer steering, harder seats, and a shitty sound system. LSD in not included until you go to the v6 model, and all in all, it may have the same engine specs, but the tsx is actually faster than the accord. and besides, where do u look better in an accord or an acura? and u cant tell me this car compares to the mazda 6? LOL

  5. I own a 2007 TSX (IMO, way better looking than the 2009-2011 ones), and am a big fan of the line. But they really need to upgrade that interior dashboard. Toyota has been taking advantage of touch screen technology for a few years now. That knob and all those buttons in the TSX looks archaic.

  6. But using a touch screen means having to take your eyes off the road while driving.Knobbies are much more practical especially on bumpy roads.

  7. Haha, gotta love americans, always waiting and expecting compliments. It is a car review for f..k' sake, it is supposed to announce the negative sides of a car,….. ah, forget it. You won't get it anyway 😉

  8. rebadged "European" Accord not US Accord. The TL has the underpinnings of the US Accord but they are no where near being on the same level.

  9. "It's just not that engaging." lol. Meaningless tripe. I drive this car. It's not a Ferrari, but unless you're auditioning for the next Fast and Furious movie, the TSX provides infinitely more handling and performance that you will ever need.

  10. this guy is an idiot. the tsx is a accord they just rebage it to a acura, in europe this is what the accord looks like they just change the grill.

  11. At Consumer Reports, they compare everything to BMW. And if it doesn't ride like a Lexus LS460, then they say it rides like crap. I only use them for reliability purposes only, since that information comes from people who actually OWN the car. This is a great car. No, it's not the nicest riding car you can buy, but it's definitely comfortable and quiet.

  12. This guy just convinced me that a subscription to CR is a waste of money and time – utterly clueless.  He says "numb steering" – more like numbskull.

  13. I own this car, and my only complaint is the fuel filler cap. I live in oregon_, so I'm legally obligated to let someone fill my tank for me, and no one can seem to figure out how to push on the far right to make it pop open. The fact I had to get this nitpicky to find something sub par on this car should say something though.

  14. I also drive this car, a  2011 TSX. This guy is full of it! The steering and road feel is the total opposite of what he says on "his review" of the car. I think the steering is precise and gives adequate road feel, where I point it; it goes. This guy doesn't know jack s*** about cars.

  15. What's funny Consumer Reports gave this car an excellent rating in their buying guide. What a mess.

  16. I did a lot of researched before buying a car. I test drove the 2013 Honda Accord premium, and a 2011, 2010 TSX. I would pick the TSX over the accord again!

    Accord is a good/great car for the price i'd say. Just too boring.

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