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Adult Coloring Book Review and example artwork!


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  1. Awesome review, I've seen these books at Deals and Michaels, the book you picked out is really pretty :  )

  2. Hi new sub here I love adult coloring book I have a collection of them, you can use colored pens you can find them on Amazon the brand is friskers those are the best pens they won't bleed through,and also bic markers got my from Walmart.i also use staedtler fine tip pen for the smaller spaces this brand have a a lot of pretty color. I also use prisma color pencil they can be a bit pricey, but Amazon alway have good deals on them.i hope I give you some ideas!

  3. Really cute I LOVE COLORING with my baby😜😜SO I am totally convinced in buying a COLORING FOR ME 👍💕😀💋TFS PRETTY PICTURE

  4. great review! you have such a friendly, bubbly personality. i love coloring too to relax, it's my newest obsession 🙂

  5. i enjoyed your video.i too am so addicted to these coloring books i have over 30 .they are very relaxing.i am waiting for 2 books from austraila anf subscribed to relax with art you get 24 pics in each book and have 13 issues coming,the johanna basford books are beautiful i have all 3 .waiting for her next one to be released a jungle one.i love using gel pens

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