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Agnes Keith – A Hidden Treasure in the Land Below the Wind


Land down below the Wind is a perfectly recognized expression right here in Sabah, Borneo and a generally talked about. Where by does the expression occur from? How occur its so popular and who designed it a this kind of a perfectly recognized expression?

Malaysia has many treasures and just one of them we discovered is Agnes Keith. She was an American author and journalist who lived in Sabah, Borneo from the finish of 1934 to the beginning of 1952.

We obtained curious and desired to know a lot more about this interesting female who lived underneath a for a longer time interval in Borneo and designed this kind of an impact on people that she however is popular right now.

How did she finish up in Borneo?

Agnes Keith was born in Illinois, United states in july 1901. Following meeting Henry Keith an Englishman (later recognized as Harry) and marrying him she adopted him back again to Borneo in 1934. Harry was Conservator of Forests and Director of Agriculture for the governing administration of British North Borneo (now days recognized as Sabah) underneath the Chartered Firm and was also Honorary Curator of the Condition Museum. Their dwelling in Sabah was in Sandakan on the east coastline of Sabah. Whilst Harry had been absent on his many journeys and adventures all about Sabah Agnes began to create about her new land. She normally kept a diary and could effortlessly obtain her notes.

The title of Agnes’ initially ebook about the North Borneo (now recognized as Sabah), LAND Below THE WIND (1939), has become the unofficial motto of Sabah. The phrase was utilised by sailors to describe all the lands south of the typhoon belt, but Agnes Keith popularized the specific link of the phrase with Sabah, by implementing it solely to North Borneo in her ebook.

She tends to make a vivid picture of the land she came to like. People, lifestyle, adventures and her daily existence offers us a picture of how existence was right here in Sabah back again then.

It was adopted by Three Came House (1947), which focused on hardships experienced in the Next Entire world War, and was subsequently designed into a Hollywood motion picture, and the third ebook was WHITE Man RETURNS (1951), which tells of her existence in Sandakan immediately after the war.

All in the course of her books Agnes Keith utilised her own drawings to make a a lot more vivid picture of her adventures.

Agnes Keith dwelling was wrecked underneath the war by Japanese. It was rebuilt and are now in care of the Office of Sabah Museum underneath the supervision of MS Stella Moo-Tan.

You will have to admire this female – at least we do. She came from usefulness to a little tropical place on the other facet of the earth. No air problem – or the facilities had been so utilised to right now. Numerous times she experienced from Malaria and other tropical illnesses. Her coming to Borneo was not as effortless as our journey was. In her time you travelled by boat for months!

Still her like for this state and the people actually glow as a result of when she writes. She came to like Sabah and Borneo just as we have far too!

In 1952 Agnes Keith left Borneo – she died at age eighty in British Columbia, Canada

Each day we encounter new matters in our new dwelling land. Borneo is a interesting place to dwell and there is a great deal a lot more to explore. We can warmly welcome you to the Land down below the wind! Make it your subsequent location and explore Malaysia’s treasures you far too!

By Catarina Berg

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