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Agoda Hotel reservation site review


A video review of the hotel reservation website Agoda, popular for booking hotels in Asia.
The transcript of this video as well as the audio only version can be found at http://reservethaihotels.net/1249/review-of-agoda/

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  2. Dear ALL

    this is to inform you that , Agoda doesn't have any hotel facility in Thiruvannamalai., as practically I have faced a lot of problem on 26-12-2014, as i have booked 2 days accommodation in  Hotel Aakash., thourgh Agoda., but when I reached there in the night with family they said they have no update from agoda regards to this and in the midnight with two kids i have just requested for accommodation….after all one hour in the midnight we have tried all the hotels and and we have tried to communicate the same to agoda but we didn't found any phone  number there, at last after all request of mine that hotel Manager agreed to accomodate in normal room….on chargeble basis for extra 800/-…

    Like these Agoda is cheating the customers ………..

  3. after booking/ paying in full  w/ agoda are the hotels/resorts allowed to increase the price/ nightly of room % or are they required to honor the price/ amount Agoda asked me to pay?

  4. How do you check your rewards points. I watched the video, but can't find anywhwere to check points i already have. Where do i check my points?

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