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Alyssa Reviews- Firewatch (PS4)


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  1. Hey Alyssa.Great Review.I actually played it already and I enjoyed it.It was a short game.I experience the slow down in the game as well but I got it when it first came out.The story was alright.The conversations between were Henry and Deliah was amusing and funny at times.The graphics looked nice.

  2. great review! I pretty much agree with everything here, both strong and weak points. I had a great time with the game despite its short length. I feel the game could've benefited from a multiple ending approach. you know, to increase replayability. I dig "walking simulator" games so this was right up my alley. good stuff!

  3. I don't have a ps4 but still watched and loved your review. if and when I get one makes me want to def. check it out.

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