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Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet Review and How To


More info: http://blog.the-ebook-reader.com/2015/10/24/amazon-fire-hd-8-tablet-review-and-video-demo/ This video review shows the 8-inch Fire HD 8 tablet in action, with getting started tips and a tour of the new OS. The specs and software are identical to the Fire HD 10. The Fire HD 8 starts at $149 on Amazon: http://fave.co/1OPaTja

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1TaA03r

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  1. What I'm wanting to know is, how does the Dolby Atmos work with this tablet? Does it use all 4 speakers as separate channels similar to a home theater system or does it work with headphones by using virtual surround?

  2. Thanks for this video! Do you have to transfer the movies over to the sd card or is that done when it downloads?

  3. I couldn't find what you were going to discuss at the very end and then you said to find it in your other video's. Can't find it there either… whatever I'm supposed to be looking for on the fire hd 8. Why did you stop in such a hurry? youtube has video's that are way more than 10 minutes long. You could have went on forever and finished what you were talking about. Your good, just need to hear more of it. Thanks. Also, I thought this was for people who didn't know or understand this new unit. I'm new to tablets… whatever and doing computer's for 27 years, this is a whole new language. Hope to see some more on this tablet.

  4. The new  fire 7 speaker is crap compared to the dual speaker on my busted fire hd 7 (2014 model).  Not that I can tell much from this video, but what is your opinion on the speaker?  The new 7 I had to put up to my ear to hear it, whereas the hd 7 with the two speakers I can sit  FEW feet away and enjoy with the same video.  kinda pissed they discontinued their middle tier tablet.

  5. I trying to put the wifi on my Amazon fire tablet can you please help me replied to my comet

  6. Is this worth buying? I want it because its color. I can browse and it has audio. I want it mainly to read ebooks and maybe comics with color. As well as listen to audiobles. I was looking at the PaperWhite, Ipad Mini and this Fire 8. I like paperwhile because its mainly for ebooks and is non-glossy. But the Ipad and Fire are glossy. Not sure what to get. I want the fire 8 but is it worth it?

  7. You can set nova as your default home launcher (only works with Nova launcher) download the app launcher hijack witch you can get through your tablets browser

  8. The sound in the video is bad. You need a tiny level of professionalism/video editing in a tutorial vid. Even if your review is the best, if you can't deliver it properly, you get your video skipped, like I did.

  9. hi can you help i wanted to put the settings icon to the top but by mistake it went into a folder how do i put it back as befor thanks i have amazon hd 8 the 2016 release

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