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Amazon Fire Phone review | Engadget


With the Fire phone, the online retailer is coming in as an unproven underdog, hoping to bring iPhone and Android users into its fold.
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  1. 720p screen? I don't think so.
    Pushing Amazon, ignoring Google and only on one carrier? Flop

  2. No thanks, while I like Amazon services, I wouldn't want a phone that is tied to them! That's a MAJOR bum deal if you ask me.

  3. Can't have a phone without Unique features.
    You mean unique features.
    Yeah, Unique features.
    You're saying it weird, why you putting so much emphasis on the 'U'?
    What are you talking about? I'm just saying it. Unique. Phones are better with Unique features.
    Say unique.
    Now say unique features.
    Unique features.
    unique features.
    Unique features.
    unique features.
    Unique features.
    You're buying a piece of $h#t!

  4. This phone isn't very good and you have to pay 100$ more if you want 64gb of storage wtf. Sd cards for the fucking win.

  5. This phone should be renamed the Amazon FAIL phone. Nobody will want this shit phone especially when it's pricier than real flagship phones like the Galaxy S5. This phone is banking on it's stupid gimmicks which not only have little practical use, it also doesn't work as smoothly as it should. It's a boring looking phone with mid-level specs….people should be offended that Amazon would even present this low-mid level phone at a top dollar price. Fuck Amazon's OS, it will never stand a chance with Android and Google Play. Hopefully this phone disappears from stores a week and we never have to see a sequel to this abomination!

  6. Can someone help me with this? I was wondering if Amazon is safe to buy something new from? For example, if I buy an iPhone 4S and click "10 New For $399".  Does that mean that the phone is guaranteed to be brand new with no damage. Not stolen from anyone. 100% new, undamaged from Apple? Or is it possible that I can still receive a damaged phone or maybe stolen? Can someone help me?

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