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Amazon Fire TV review | Engadget


The Fire TV may be the next step for Amazon as it tries to build its own ecosystem, but it’s also yet another entry in the crowded streaming-media market.
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  1. Personally, I think this is a great concept.  It may need a little polishing as I'm sure it will get in the weeks and months ahead, but it's the 1st mainstream set-top box to offer Android gaming at a competitive price.  I'm sure Google's Android TV will be very similar, and the next gen Apple TV will be similar on the iOS side.  But Amazon deserves  credit for being to market 1st, and also for what may end up being the least expensive of the three.

  2. Hopefully @Engadget or anyone can answer this question for me. I'm thinking about canceling my cable subscription and getting Amazon Fire TV. I already have Amazon Prime, Netflix and planning to get Hulu and ESPN. Now, do still need cable network in order to run ESPN in Amazon Fire TV? I think I read that someone but I must have misread which I hope it's a mis-read.

  3. This is by far the best streaming device i have. I've been through all the models of
    roku, and the FireTv kicks their butts big time.

  4. I am currently starting to use my Amazon Fire TV. It is fast (I have the WDTV as well which is much slower but read on). So far it appears to work well with the Amazon Cloud Drive and Amazon content.

  5. #Amazon #Fire TV
    – Fire TV's ease of use (beats the Chromecast but it's probably on par with Roku and the Xbox/Playstations)
    – Amazon's great user support
    – Roku's enormous channels selection
    – Playstation and Xbox being clearly superior gaming platforms (if you don't mind paying up to $60 for newly released games)
    – Amazon's attempt to keep their users confined to Amazon's own hardware platforms and content streams vs. Roku's and Chromecast relative openness
    – Fire TV's split gaming/streaming personality (Jack of 2 trades) vs. Roku's and Chromecast focus on streaming
    – Price, of course

  6. These guys are acting as if the Apple TV and Roku is so much better than the Amazon TV. All three do the exact same thing, with subtle variations.

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