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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 3G Review – Is it worth Buying ?


Kindle Paperwhite is a really nice product from Amazon.
KIndle Paperwhite Wi-Fi (with Special Offers) $119
KIndle Paperwhite Wi-Fi + 3G (with Special Offers) $179
KIndle Paperwhite Wi-Fi (without Special Offers) $139
KIndle Paperwhite Wi-Fi + 3G (without Special Offers) $ 199
It has nice paper white screen just like advertized, and has a tocuh screen.
Really small so it fits in your hand really nicely. battery life is also good.
Over all it is nice product.
The pricetag is my turning off point because its just a digital book storage.
The problem I have with it that it is only meant to read books or newspapers or magazines. For one its not color so you would miss out on the color pictures. IF you use it for reading books that it will work better, but do you really need couple books with you since you will only be reading one. No one reads little of one book and a little of another. Most people get a book read it and then they move on to the next one. For $200 you can get alot of books and with kindle you still need to spend more to buy booksl.

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  1. it is a good reading device, but for it to be just a reading device and costing $200 its not worth it. if the price droped to $100 than maybe.

  2. I should have been more clear, of what I was reviewing.
    Those prices are from Amazon directly
    KIndle Paperwhite Wi-Fi (with Special Offers) $119
    KIndle Paperwhite Wi-Fi + 3G (with Special Offers) $179
    KIndle Paperwhite Wi-Fi (without Special Offers) $139
    KIndle Paperwhite Wi-Fi + 3G (without Special Offers) $ 199

  3. If you read a lot of books like I do, it's totally worth it. I have all my books in one place, it's relatively small and much lighter than many books. I can finish one book and be on to the next one within seconds if I so choose. Carrying one extra book in my backpack in case I finish my current book is not an option.

    I read around 52 books a year, that's one book a week. Some years I read even more. For me it's much more practical to have all my books within one "book". It's pricetag is not nearly as high as the value I get from it. That's why I've owned a kindle since they came out. I can't live without it. Might sound stupid, but if you actually read lots of books and took books with you everywhere you went, you would see that there is major benefits to be had by owning a e-reader.

    Also, I don't get people criticize e-readers for not having colour. Yes it's black & white. They are supposed to be that way, they are meant to mimic a book. Not be a competitor to an Ipad or some other multimedia tablet. It has no benefit of showing colours.

  4. I definitely want to buy one, but I'm trying to figure out the difference between the Kindle Paperwhite basic model and the 3G. What's the major differences? 

  5. Have you ever thought about how much money you can save buying books? Although the books on amazon are expensive you will be able to save a lot if you like to read. And especially for those in the US they get to borrow books from libraries and have it sent directly to their kindle. My point here is that if you're not looking for a digital book storage then this may not be the right device for you. And, this is an ebook reader designed for reading books, not newspapers or magazines. Maybe you should learn a bit more about the device before commenting or criticizing it. However this might be helpful for other people so I'm not saying that this video is bad.

  6. Keep in mind you don't HAVE to pay for books on the Kindle, same with movies and games on a computer. 

  7. Your argument applies to the concept of ereaders generally, not just the kindle. Having said that, I've had my old Sony 505 since it came out and all the books I've read on it have been either in the public domain (free) or creative commons (free) and admittedly a few from pirate sites, but these are usually full of typos etc. If I'd had to buy a paperback version of Great Expectations, Jane Eyre and all the other pd's I have, it would have cost far more than the reader did.

  8. This is not a review, this is a rant against ebooks… 

    In short: I cannot name a better ebook for the price, let it be the cheapest (119$) or the most expensive (199$) version.

  9. You have no idea what you are talking about. First of all, there can be many cases where you would need to carry more than one book. For example medical students or somebody who is a doctoral student; instead of carrying bundles of books all the time, they can carry only one device. Secondly why do you assume that anybody who is reading on the road is gonna read just one book. What about going to travelling trips, picnics, staying somewhere overnight. Don't you think it would be more convenient to carry your entire library with you in the form of one device. Thirdly, if you have ever used an iPad or any other coloured tablet, you would know that there is no alternative to e-ink technology for reading books and also a tablet might be a lot of fun but it is very distracting when it comes to book reading ….

  10. I had a 3rd gen Kindle for years, but when I saw the Paperwhite I knew I had to upgrade, and I'm VERY happy I did.

  11. I did not read much until I got the Kindle. Now I can consume over one book per week. I also got full Linux desktop working on it, so I can browse the web with flash, play games, and do all "tablet" things. Therefore, I would totally recommend it to anyone.

  12. Does it havea web browser ? Can you surf the internet like you would in a tablet.. I dont need apps but it would be handy for tourism if I could look up sites and book things online from this device.. is it capable of it ? (even on 3G).

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